Electric Street Lights Come to Charlottetown

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Submitted by Christine Gorman


(As Printed in the Daily Examiner, November 11, 1885.)

At an adjourned meeting of the City Council, held last evening, a plan showing the location of the proposed lights was submitted. It shows their location as follows, subject to alteration at a meeting to be held to-night:B


1. - Near Councillor Morris, Dundas Esplanade.

2. - Near Rankin House, corner of Pownal and Water Streets.

3. - Near EXAMINER office, corner of Great George and Water Streets.

4. - Near R. Galbraith's, corner Weymouth and King Streets.

5. - Near M. P. Hogan's, corner of Prince and King Streets.

6. - Near Union House, corner King and Queen Streets.


7. - Near William Murray's, corner of Dorchester and Pownal Streets.

8. - Near St. Dunstan's Cathedral, corner Dorchester and Great George Streets.

9. - Near Rev. D. Fitzgerald's, corner Hillsborough and Dorchester Streets.

10. - Near Convent, East corner Hillsborough Square.

11. - Near Methodist Church, corner Sidney and Prince Streets.

12. - Near Charlottetown Boot Factory, corner Sidney and Queen Streets.

13. - Near Connolly's Warehouse, corner Rochford and Sidney Streets.


14. - Near Councillor Douse's, at Landing, corner Richmond and West Streets.

15. - Near Jail, corner Pownal and Richmond Streets.

16. - Near William Smith's, west corner Hillsborough Square.

17. - Near corner of Cumberland and Richmond Streets.

18. - Near Pope Walsh's, corner Cumberland and Grafton Streets.

19. - Near Parson's Forge, corner Hillsborough and Grafton Streets.

20. - Near Market House, Queen Street.

21. - Near Jas. DesBrisay's, corner Pownal and Grafton Streets.

22. - Near Simon Davies' corner West and Grafton Streets.


23. - Near J. T. Crockett's, corner Rochford Square.

24. - Near A. N. Large's, corner Queen and Kent Streets

25. - Near Dr. Johnston's, corner Prince and Kent Streets.

26. - Near Edward Moore's, Kent Street East, corner King Square.

27. - Near Morrissey's Foundry premises.

28. - Near Jas. Crockett's, corner Cumberland and Fitzroy Streets.

29. - Near Senator Carvell's, corner Hillsborough and Fitzroy Streets.

30. - Near Mrs. Blatche's, corner Great George and Fitzroy Streets.

31. - Near St. James' Church, corner Pownal and Fitzroy Streets.


32. - Near McKinnon & McLean's Foundry, corner Euston Street and Brighton Road.

33. - Near Admiral Bayfield's, corner Queen and Euston Streets.

34. - Near Free Church, corner Upper Prince and Euston Streets.

35. - Near A. L. Brown's, corner Weymouth Street and St. Peter's Road.

36. - On Brighton Road.

The lights will, we learn, be placed on masts from thirty-five to forty feet in height.

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