Northwest Rebellion - a Retrospect from the Daily Examiner, May 14, 1901

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A Retrospect from The Daily Examiner

Charlottetown, May 14, 1901

The spring of 1885 was full of excitement for Canadians. A rebellion had broken out in the Northwest and the Canadian Militia were engaged in a severe struggle with Louis Riel and his followers. On the 13th of May the news spread like wildfire through the town that two companies of the 82nd Battalion had been ordered to the front. Before the day closed, Capt. D Stewart of No 3 Co. had turned out his company and for the next few days, from the different company headquarters, the volunteers came streaming to the city. Each man submitted to a medical examination by Dr. Warburton and finally the two companies were made up and men ready to leave. In the meantime, the citizens of the town were not idle and the following committee for the relief of the families of the militia were elected at the Market Hall.

Gentlemen's committee: Mayor Beer, R. R. Fitzgerald, T. H. Haviland, Hon. D. Ferguson, F. D. St. C. Brecken, Owen Connolly, W. H. Finlay, George Davies, George McLeod, Hon. W. W. Sullivan, Alex McKinnon, Donald Farquharson, G. R. Beer, Hon. Neil McLeod, and Patrick Blake.

Ladies' committee: Mrs Henry Beer, Mrs Ambrose Brown, Mrs A. A. McDonald, Mrs John McGowan, Mrs D. Laird, Mrs W. W. Sullivan, Mrs George Hodgson, Mrs James Peake, Mrs Henry A. Holl, Mrs R. B. Peake, Mrs S. McRae, Mrs C. Lewis, Miss Mary Palmer and Miss H. Dawson.

On Sunday the soldiers marched to St. Paul's Church, where the rector, Rev. C. O'Meara, held a farewell service.

Each man was presented with a Bible by Judge Young, on behalf of the Bible Society, and Sergt. Crosby and Pte. A. Mellish were presented with Bibles by the Rev, F. W. Moore on behalf of the Methodist Brick Church Sunday school.

The men from the country were boarded at a cost of some $300 by private citizens--the following being their names and the number entertained by each--The Lieut. Gov. 3;

Hon Wm Sullivan, 3; Hon. F. Brecken, 3; Hon Neil McLeod, 3; Messsrs Peake Bros & Co, 4; E. J. Hodgson, 3; Hon Wm Campbell, 3; R. R. Fitzgerald, 3; D. Farquharson, 3; F. Peters, 3; Hon D. Ferguson, 3; D. Macleod, 2; D. Montgomery, 2; G. Davies & Co, 2; Judge Hensley, 2; W A O Morson, 2; Perkins & Sterns, 2; James Currie, 2; Dodd & Rogers, 2; Carvell Bros. 2; S W Crabbe, 2. M McLeod, 2; R K Brace, 2; A McNeill, 1; C C Gardiner,1; A A McLean, 1; R F DeBlois, 1; J D McLeod, 1; Dr. Bagnall, 1; Hon T H Haviland, 1; John Ings, L C Owen 1; C D Rankin, 1; W W Wellner, 1; Alex McKinnon, 1; Adam Murray, 1; Judge Palmer, 1; Beer & Goff, 1; F W Hales, 1; Owen Connolly, l; J G Brown, 1, and Fred Mitchell, 1.

Mrs. Young, wife of Judge Young, presented the Battalion with an ensign. Although the sudden collapse of the rebellion prevented our men getting to the front, the event showed what our militia could do in a sudden emergency, and the sympathy and co-operation they could expect from the citizens at home---- an expectation that was fully realized when the Empire called in 1899.

The names of those who turned out and were accepted are as follows:--

Capt. D. Stewart, Charlottetown.

Capt. Macleod, Hunter River.

Brig. Major J. Allen, Ch'town.

Lieut. D. Bertram, Hunter River.

A J G Sheriff, Tryon.

A G. Crockett, Little York.

A Ives, Tryon.

A J D Seaman, Ch'town.

Sergt J Nicholson, Hazel Grove.

A F Boulton, Albany.

A J Berrigan, Royalty.

A F Darke, Hunter River.

A R Thompson, Suffolk.

A Crosby, Charlottetown.

Corporals, G Byron, North Tryon; G McDuff, Brookfield; B Abbott, Milton; J Boisner, Royalty; T Crockett, Little York; F V Vessey, do; Dogherty, do.

Privates: H Bertram, Hazel Grove; M Stewart, Hunter River; D J Thompson, North Tryon; J Rattray, New Glasgow; S Clarke, Augustine Cove; J E Howat;t, do; J Morrison, North Tryon; M Martin, Brown's Creek; J Munroe, Brookfield; M Macleod, Brookfield, R McDuff, do; J Coles, Hazel Grove; J Quigley, North Tryon; W McMillan, Hunter River; H Baynon, North Tryon; A McWilliams, Albany; J McLaughlin, St Peters Road; W Cranston, Royalty; J H Diamond, Winsloe Road; J A Stewart, Malpeque Road; J Partridge, Union Road; N Stewart, J Beaton, W Mobbs, Hunter River; W Stevenson, New Glasgow; B C Prowse, Ch'town; H C Watts, Grand Tracadie; H Darrach, St. Peter's Road; J A Dover, Suffolk; D Mellett, Union Road; A Garnhum, E Garnhum, J Arbing, Suffolk; W Alexander, Stanhope; W F Boisner, North River: J M Davis, Ch'town; R Murley, Southport; J Godfrey, Suffolk; W Sullivan, Hunter River; Brodie, Stanley, Macmillan, Covehead; N A Murchison, J J McDonald, J W Stewart, N J McDonald, Charlottetown; G Arthur, Eldon; A McDougall, T Wakeling, E Lydiard, K J McLeod, T Howatt, R Smith, W Campbell, P McFadyen, A J B Mellish, J McDonald, G Carver, W White, H McCallum, Charlottetown.

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