Thistle and Shamrock School Examinations, 1888

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

Daily Examiner, January 4, 1888.

School Examination

["Thistle and Shamrock" School district, located in Lot 67 and Lot 27.]

The semi-annual examination of the "Thistle and Shamrock" school, No. 106, took place on the 29th ult., in the presence of the trustees, a number of the pupils' parents, and other visitors. Of the sixty-seven pupils enrolled, forty-three were present that day. The subjects in which the pupils were examined, were Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, English, Map-Drawing and Geography, and the way in which they answered the many and difficult questions put them showed a marked improvement in every subject, since the last examination, and reflected much credit upon themselves and their amiable teacher Mr. James H. Monaghan, who, although yet young in the profession, has proved himself an excellent instructor.

The following is the result of the examinations held monthly during the term.
Pupil having the highest general standing – Patrick Kelly.
Special prizes presented by the teacher to the best reader in the sixth and third classes, awarded to Miss E. Emma Kelly, and Miss Aggie Kelly.

Reading–1st, E. E. Kelly; 2nd, Anastasia Hughes;3rd, Chas. E. (?) Duffy.
Dictation and Spelling– 1st Annie May Kelly and Anastasia Hughes, equal; 3rd , Patrick Kelly and Charles Gavin Duffy, equal.
Arithmetic – 1st class– 1st Patrick Kelly and Anastasia Hughes, equal; 3rd Chas. Gavan (?) Duffy.
Second class– 1st Annie May Kelly; 2nd Peter Hughes and Emma Kelly, equal; 4th Elizabeth Creighan.
English– 1st Patrick Kelly; 2nd Anastasia Hughes; 3rd Charles G. Duffy.
History– 1st Patrick Kelly; 2nd Anastasia Hughes; 3rd Charles G. Duffy.
Geography – 1st Patrick Kelly; 2nd Charles G. Duffy; 3rd Anastasia Hughes.
French – 1st Patrick Kelly; 2nd Charles G. Duffy and Anastasia Hughes, equal; 4th Emma Kelly and Mary D. Duffy, equal.
Map Drawing– 1st Charles G. Duffy; 2nd Patrick Kelly; 3rd Emma Kelly.

Reading – 1st John W. McKenzie; 2nd Mary L. McDonald; 3rd George Kelly and Kenneth McKenzie, equal.
Arithmetic – 1st Patrick McCarvill; 2nd John W. McKenzie; 3rd Mary D. Duffy.
Grammar – 1st Sarah E. McKenzie; 2nd Adelina Kelly; 3rd Ellen McKenzie.
History – 1st Emmie Kelly; 2nd Annie M. Kelly; 3rd Elizabeth Creighan.
Geography – 1st Aggie Kelly; 2nd Adelina Kelly; 3rd Bridget Greenan; 4th Ellen McKenzie.

Reading– 1st Aggie Kelly; 2nd Bridget Greenan and Enus Owens, equal; 3rd James Shreenan.
Arithmetic– 1st Sarah A. McKenzie; 2nd Susanna Shreenan; 3rd Enus Owens; 4th James Shreenan.

Reading – 1st Susanna Shreenan; 2nd Annie E. Duffy; 3rd Sarah Alice McKenzie.
Punctuality – 1st Aggie Kelly.
Deportment – Ellen McKenzie.

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