Sons of the Heather, Gathering of the Clans, 1891

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

Daily Examiner, August 14, 1891

Sons of the Heather


A special train of seven coaches, laden with Sons of the Heather and their friends, with the Artillery Band of this city, left Charlottetown yesterday morning under Conductor Macgowan. Crowds of passengers, East and West, came by the regular trains; and the yeomanry of Prince County poured into Summerside by means of horses and carriages. The Scottish Games went "bravely on" in the presence of thousands of spectators. Despite thronging crowds the programme was begun, continued and completed without a hitch. The greatest interest was shown in "Ghillie Callum" and the pipe music. While Mr. Angus McLean, of this city, was competing for the Piper's Prize, one of the women became inspired to such a degree that she had to dance, and this being observed by one of the gentlemen present, she was invited to take the platform when she "tripped the light fantastic" to the mutual delight of herself and the audience. One of the events of the day was the speed exhibitions by Mr. Brennan's colt Parkside, Mr. Craswell's colt, Almont Wilkes, and W. W. McLeod's mare, Guinea.

Following is the


Putting Light Stone. - 1st. F. P. Meikle, New Glasgow, NS, 43 ft. 5 in.; 2nd, D. Clarke, Grand River, Lot 55, 40 ft. 10 in.; 3rd. Wm. A. McDonald, Panmure Island, 39 ft. 6 in.

Running High Leap - 1st. B. F. Stewart, Montague, 5 ft. 4 in;. 2nd M. D. Nicholson, Springton.

Throwing Heavy Hammer - D. Clarke, Lot 55, 86 ft. 9 in; 2nd. B. F. Stewart, Montague, 83 ft, in.; W. A. McDonald, Panmure Island, 81 ft. 8 in.

Flat Race (100 yards) - 1st. D. J. McDonald, Ch'town; 2nd. B. F.Stewart; 3rd. E. Herritt, Pictou, NS

Throwing Light Hammer. - 1st. B. F. Stewart, 103 ft, 7 in.; 2nd D.Clarke, 101 ft.8 in; S. (?) P. Meikle, 98 ft. 5 in.

Boys' Race, under 16 (100 yards) - Daniel McPhee, West River; 2nd George McLeod, Kensington; 3rd Edward McDonald, West River.

Vaulting With Pole - 1st. J. A. McEachern, Ch'town, 10 ft. (highest jump ever made in P. E. Island); 2nd M. D. Nicholson, 9 ft. 8 in.

Dancing Ghillie Callum - 1st John McKinlay, Rose Valley; 2nd Alex Corbett, Junction Road; 3rd G. Cameron, Dundas.

Highland Fling - 1st. J. G. Cameron, Dundas.

Best dressed man in Highland costume - 1st. James McLeod, Charlottetown; 2nd, Harry McLeod, Charlottetown.

Flat Race, Quarter Mile - 1st. E. Herritt, Pictou; 2nd D. J. McDonald, Charlottetown.

Pipe music - 1st Peter Ferguson, Ch'town; 2nd Angus McLean, do.; 3rd, John McDonald, do.

Sack Race - 1st Mal McKinnon, Bonshaw; 2nd Jas McEachern, Ch'town; 3rd John Darrach, West River.

Hurdle Race - 1st M. D. Nicholson; 2nd B. F. Stewart, Montague; 3rd J. A. McEachern, Ch'town.

Three-Legged Race - 1st E. Herritt and J. A. McEachern; 2nd John Robertson, New Haven and Edwin McDonald; 3rd D. C. Bryenton and John Darrach.

Best all-round athlete - (prize presented by Lieut.-Colonel Irving, President of the Caledonian Club) - B. F. Stewart, Montague.

The prizes were distributed by Miss Rolla Irving.

Lieut.-Colonel Irving's silver medal, won by Mr. B. F. Stewart, encloses the "Lion rampant," and bears the motto "Scotland Forever." It is an artistic and beautiful ornament.

At the conclusion of the Games, President Irving made a brief address, thanking all who were present for their patronage and complimenting all upon the good order maintained.

Archibald McNeill, Esq., also delivered a patriotic address.

Among the prominent men we noticed Angus McLeod, Esq., MPP, Murray Harbor; Donald McKay, Esq. MPP, Rustico; ex-Speaker McDonald, Indian River; Geo. F. Owen, Esq., Cardigan, and Dr. Jenkins.

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