List of Agents for George Carter and Company's Seeds, 1892

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

From the Daily Examiner, April 21, 1892.

List of Agents for George Carter and Company's Seeds.

J. A. Gourlie, Summerside.

Reuben Tuplin & Co, Kensington

P. McNutt, Malpeque

Craig & Taylor, Freetown

Albert Craig, Emerald

C. Taper & Co. Bradalbane

George Ferris, Fredericton

P. McGrath, Hunter River

McLean Bros., North Wiltshire

G. DesRoches, Miscouche

J. O Arsenault, Wellington

John R Larkins, Richmond

D. N. Forbes, Tyne Valley

Strang Hart, Coleman

A. McKinnon, Coleman

Colin Wright, Central Bedeque

Wright Bros., Crapaud

Hudson & McQuarrie, Victoria

A. A. McCaull, Ellerslie

A. J. McLeod & Co., Stanley Bridge

H. W. Turner, O'Leary

W. B. Dyer, Alberton

B Rogers, Alberton

J. H. Myrick & Co., Tignish

Gordon Matthews, Elmsdale

Hooper & Stewart, Springfield

J. Gallant, Rustico

John Bradley, Kelly's Cross

F. Peters, Mill River

Ewen Campbell, North Wiltshire

Beer & Sprague, Montague

D. G. Cameron, Montague

Jas. E. McDonald, Cardigan

McDonald & Westaway, Georgetown

A. A. Macdonald & Bros, Georgetown

David Egan, Mount Stewart

R. N. Cox, Morell

L. Anderson, St. Peters

C. C. Carlton, Souris

Matthew, McLean & Co., Souris

Thomas Kickham, Souris West

Matthew McLean & Co., Dundas

W. A. Poole & Co., Lower Montague

Prowse and Sons, Murray Harbor

Benj Clow, Murray Harbor North

D. H. Hume, Murray River

C. H. McNeill, New Perth

Henry Dunn, Gaspereaux

Jas. Morgan, Southport

George Forbes, Vernon River Bridge

D. E. Clark & Co., Orwell

R. K. McKenzie, Flat River

D. McLaren, Belle Creek

A. Munn, Little Sands

M. Stephens & Co., Orwell

J. T. Lantz, Pinette

McLean & Cameron, Crapaud.


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