Benevolent Irish Society Lists - 1893

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

From the Daily Examiner, Charlottetown, March 11, 1893.

Benevolent Irish Society, Charlottetown

Officers elected for the ensuing year:

Patron --- James Reddin (re-elected.)
President --- Peter McCourt (re-elected.)
1st Vice-President --- Michael Egan (re-elected.)
2nd Vice-President --- Patrick Callaghan (re-elected.)
Treasurer--James Egan (re-elected.)
Secretary --- R. F. Madigan (re-elected.)
Managing Committee --- Patrick Bourke, Michael Welsh (re-elected), P. F. Doyle
Charitable Committee --- Patrick McCarey, Philip Curley, John Madigan, (re-elected), John Connolly, Patrick Lappin.
Marshals --- John Connolly (Chief), Thomas Ranahan, J. T. Murphy, Thomas Flynn, Patrick Berrigan.
Sergeant-at-arms --- John Bolger (re-elected.)
Janitor --- Edward Blackburne (re-elected.)

Benevolent Irish Society at Emerald

Officers elected for the ensuing year:

Patron --- Rev Dr Doyle (re-elected.)
President --- William Deighan.
1st Vice-President --- Patrick Kiely.
2nd Vice-President --- J. R. Murphy.
Treasurer --- C. Goodwin.
Secretary --- James A Johnston.
Assistant Secretary --- W H Deighan
Hall and Managing Committee --- G R McMahon, Michael Croken and James Power.
Sick and Relief Committee --- P S Hughes, Patrick Whelan and Bernard Smith
Sergeant-at-arms--P Goodwin (re-elected.)
Assistant Sergeant-at-arms --- James Duffy.
Banner Bearers --- John Hughes, Peter Duffy and Patrick Duffy.

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