New Vessel Registrations, 1894

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

The following is a list of the ships registered at the port of Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, during the year, 1894:

From the Daily Examiner, January 3, 1895.

Feb. 8 - Schooner Beatrice, built at Souris, P E. I, 8 (?) tons, owned by William Burke, Bay Fortune.

March 21 - Schooner Welcome, built at Chezetcook, N. S., 33 tons, owned by Walter Millar, Murray Harbor.

April 20 - Schooner Nina Page, built at Barrington, N. S., 79 tons, owned by Ronald Campbell, Summerside.

April 27 - Schooner Alma, built at Lunenburg, N. S., 65 tons, owned by James E. Grant, Charlottetown.

May 2 - Schooner Hydra, built at Clyde River, Shelburne County, N. S., 68 tons, owned by James Boudreau, Charlottetown.

June 9 - Schooner Adventurer, built at LaHave, N. S., 55 tons, owned by Thomas Kickham, Souris.

June 20 - Schooner Delight, built at Souris, P. E. I, 109 tons, American Record 7 A; owned by Thomas Kickham, Souris.

Nov. 1 - Steamer Hillsborough, built at Mount Stewart, P. E. I., 66 tons, owned by the Government of P. E. I.

Nov. 1 - Schooner Mary P., built at Liverpool N. S., 139 tons; owned by Walter Matheson, Charlottetown.

Dec. 3 - Schooner A. S. Townshend, built at Parrsboro, N. S. 75 tons; owned by Chas. Lyons, Charlottetown.

Dec. 21 - Schooner St. Thomas, built at Margarie, C. B., 38 tons; owned by George H. Toombs, Charlottetown.

Dec. 27 - Schooner Howard L., foreign, 71 tons; owned by James G. Farrow, Hampton, P. E. I.

Total - 12 vessels; 906 tons.

Abstract account of all vessels registered at this port on the 31st December, 1894:

Total number of vessels on Registry at end of last year, 188; gross tons, 24,109.

New Vessels, 3; gross tons, 358;

Transferred from other ports, 9 vessels; gross tons, 628;

Total on Registry 31st December, 1894, 191 vessels; gross tons, 22, 643.

Classified Summary



5 Barques


12 Barkentines


6 Brigantines


143 Schooners


2 Sloops


23 Steamers


Total: 191


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