Examinations For Teachers' Licenses, 1894

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

From the Daily Examiner, June 20, 1894.

Examinations For Teachers' Licenses

Eighteen First Class; Thirty-one Second Class


Total number of marks, 1400; necessary to obtain a license 840.

David Shaw, Covehead, 1083

Charles Myers, Charlottetown, 1064

Everett McNeill, Lower Montague, 1059

Charles Duffy, Shamrock, 1044

Samuel Willis, Kingston,1040

[Lucy] Maud Montgomery, Cavendish, 1034

Wallace Coffin, Mount Stewart, 1031

Matthias Smith, Kelly's Cross, 1028

Howard Leslie, Souris, 983

Joseph Coffin, Ch'town, 964

Ernest Ramsay, Hamilton, 924

William Grant, Mill View, 915

Mabel Fielding, Alberton, 909

Nellie McGrath, Tignish, 890

Innis Fraser, Miscouche, 882

Samuel Enman, Pownal, 877

Ira Yeo, Ch'town, 846

Mary O'Connor, Ch'town, 844.

Candidates for First Class License who have obtained Second Class Licenses:

Fannie Wise, Milton, 818

Annie Moore, Crapaud, 805

Bessie Haslam, Springfield, 794

Allan Matthews, Alberton, 765

Frank Dogherty, Charlottetown, 752

Oliver Lawson, Ch'town, 751

Michael Coughlin, Hope River, 746

Lena Barret, Ch'town, 742

Ethelbert McDuff, Kingston, 742

Oliver Beck, Murray Harbor South, 741

Winnie McKay, Clifton, 723

Edward Ryan, Johnson's River, 680

Rex Cameron, Souris East, 653.



Total number of marks, 1400; necessary to obtain a license, 840.

Annie McMillan, Wood Islands, 1004

Esther Oxenham, Brookfield, 981

Eliza Rogerson, Pisquid, 973

Filias LeClair, St. Dunstan's, 971

Mary Campbell, Darlington, 947

J. F. McDonald, Morell, 912

Katie McMurdo, Wilmot Valley, 906

Eliza McKinnon, Lot 14, 905

Tillie O'Keefe, Avondale, 898

Josie Dewan, Fortune Road, 981

Ida McEachern, Summerville, 878

Cora White, North River, 875

Owen Horne, Milton, 856

Grace Dutcher, Souris, 855

Flora McPhee, Gray's Road, 852

Lawrence Curran, New Perth, 849

Annie McLean, New Dominion, 838

Regina Smith, Emerald, 838.

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