Concert at Stanley, 1895

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Submitted by Christine Gorman


From the Daily Examiner, September 23, 1895.

A large gathering attended the Stanley Hall Friday to take in the excellent concert got up by Mr. and Mrs. J. W. D. McKay and the Stanley choir. Every inch of space inside was occupied and large numbers were unable to gain admittance. Besides the local talent that assisted, we had from North River, the Misses Stevenson, Miss Laura Howard, Cornwall, and Mr Albert Haslam and the Misses Haslam, from Springfield, who also took part. Mr. J. W. D. McKay was master of ceremonies and performed his part in an excellent style. The order was excellent.

The following programme was disposed of in a manner that did great credit to the various performers. Each selection was greeted with tremendous applause.

Instrumental Solo - Fredonia March

Bessie M. Simpson.

Chorus - Awake, Arise

Stanley Choir.

Duet - Pilot Brave

Mr. and Mrs. J. W. D. McKay.

Recitation - (Mosaic)

C. .W. Kiely.

Solo - Robbie Burns and Scotland Yet

R. M. Lamont.

Recitation - A Modern Knight

Zella Clarke

Solo - Sweet Seventeen

George F. Found.

Vocal Duet

Miss Ella and Linnie Stevenson.

Recitation - How Ruby Played

Mrs. J. W. M. McKay.

Chorus - Dream On, Fair Maid


Violin and Organ Duet

Mr. Albert and Miss Haslam.

Recitation - The Raven

John Jardine

Solo - Nightingale Trills

Miss Laura Howard.

Recitation - The Volunteer Organist

Miss Annie S. Clark.

Vocal Trio - Soldier's Farewell

Mrs. McKay, Mrs. Pickering and Miss Stevenson.

Recitation - She Was

W. T. Leslie.

Instrumental Solo -

Miss Annie S. Clarke.

Vocal Solo - Give Me Your Answer Today

J. W. Sutherland.

Recitation (In Costume) - The Gypsey (sic) Flower Girl

Mrs. J. W. Sutherland.

Though all did their parts exceedingly well, yet we think the singing of Miss Laura Howard and the Misses Stevenson, the violin and organ duet of Mr. and Miss Haslam, and the recitations of Mrs. McKay are worthy of special mention. In the concluding recitation, Mrs. McKay held the audience spell-bound with her dramatic picturing of Gypsey life and of a Gipsey Girl's love and Hate.



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