1895 Prince of Wales College and Normal School Teachers' Examinations

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Submitted by Christine Gorman


From the Daily Examiner, July 17, 1895

Prince of Wales College and Normal School, July, 1895.

Number of Marks attainable,700; necessary to pass, 350.

Ellie Clark, Summerside, 583

N. E. Cameron, Cross Rivers, 551

Genevieve McDonald, Cardigan, 507

Arthur Doyle, Victoria, 507

Hammond Johnston, Brackley Point, 505

Louis Brehaut, Murray Harbor South, 500

Malcolm Matheson, Heatherdale, 497

Fenton Aitken, Lower Montague, 497

George Hardy, Alberton, 496

Arsene Poirier, Miscouche, 493

M. D. McLeod, Heatherdale, 492

Newton Wilkinson, Alberton, 491

A. E. McIntosh, Victoria, 490

Ella Brown, New Glasgow, 488

Robert Forsythe, Alberton, 482

Marion McLeod, Charlottetown, 476

Nellie McCArthy, Tignish Convent, 469

Pius Ellis, Cross Rivers,467

Donald Montgomery, Heatherdale, 464

Alexander McLeod, Heatherdale, 462

D. A. Cameron, Cross Rivers, 453

Amy Carver, Pownal, 451

Mable Burrows, Summerside, 446

Robert McNeill, New Perth, 446

Harriet Matthews, Alberton, 444

Maggie Smith, Pownal, 438

Sarah J. Ready, Tignish Convent, 437

Bruno Martin, Rustico,437

Maggie McFadyen, Spring Park, 437

Fred Bowness, Kensington, 437

Laura Rayner, Summerside, 435

Cassie McNeill, Belle Creek, 435

John Robertson, Charlottetown, 435

Vernon Crockett, York, 432

Wm. Johnston, New Glasgow, 431

Ella McDonald, New Glasgow, 430

Daniel Croken, Emerald, 430

Lauretta Nelligan, Tignish Convent, 428

Minnie Keith, Montague, 428

Bessie Lawson, Charlottetown, 427

Ada Schurman, Long Creek, 426

Mary Brace, Summerside, 423

John J. Campbell, Green Vale, 423

Dugald Renton, Georgetown, 422

Ada McPherson, Charlottetown, 422

Cecilia Cass, North River, 422

Robert E. Smith, Charlottetown,421

Thos. D. Carruthers, Victoria, 420

J. Foster White, Alberton, 420

John McPherson, Uigg, 419

E. W. Bowness, Kensington, 419

Wm. Sweet, Alberton, 419

Desbrisay Callbeck, Tryon, 417

Fred W. Darke, Brookfield, 416

Edgar Brown, New Glasgow, 416

Rolland Cahill, Kildare Central, 414

Minnie Wellner, Charlottetown, 412

Milton McLeod, Charlottetown, 412

Lizzie Dyer, Alberton, 411

Leslie Adams, Summerside, 411

James Hayes, Souris West, 410

Mary A. Malone, Kelly's Cross, 410

Milton Sampson, Belmont, 410

Ellen P.(F?) Lannon, Somerville, 408

Maud McLEod, Charlottetown,407

Mary E. Bradley, Kelly's Cross, 406

Temple McIntyre, Souris, 406

Katie M Ready, Tignish Convent,405

Lizzie Anderson, Charlottetown, 405

Fred Clark, Alberton, 404

Sadie A. Fraser, Belmont, 403

John J. Lacey, Grand Tracadie, 403

Howard J. Aitken, Lower Montague, 401

Annie B. Matheson, Brackley Point, 401

Mary Dickieson, Charlottetown, 401

Herbert Vessey, York, 401

John A Ellis, Cross Rivers, 399

Eliza McKenzie, Flat River, 398

J. Edwin McBatt (Moffatt?), Cavendish, 398

George Montgomery, Alberton, 398

Thomas Cahill, Alberton, 397

Walter Ross, Uigg, 396

Mary Irving, Charlottetown, 396

Donald McCarthy, Alberton, 392

Isabella McEachern, Somerville, 390

Ada Power, New Perth, 389

Archibald Smith, New Glasgow, 389

Nelson Pickard, Charlottetown,388

Louise Barrett, Charlottetown, 388

Samuel Nicholson, Souris West, 385

Catherine McKenna, Kelly's Cross, 384

Chester Arthur, Stanley, 382

Laura Beaton, Montague, 382

Sadie McKaig, New Haven, 381

Aggie Gillis, Summerside, 380

Francis Delahunty, Cherry Valley, 380

Charles Lund, Mount Herbert, 374

Angus McWilliams, Eldon, 373

Goodwill McPhail, Uigg, 372

M. Caroline McNeill, Oyster Bed Bridge, 372

John Grant, Millview, 372

Robert Stevenson, New Perth, 368

Mary Nantes, Maple Wood, 366

John W. McLeod, Uigg, 365

Robert Crosby, Alberton, 368

Robert Anderson, Souris, 362

Minnie Mullen, Kensington, 362

John R. Reilly, White Sands,361

Florence Phillips, Murray Harbor South, 361

Mary Stewart, Bonshaw, 359

Lola White, North River, 358

Ernestine Grant, Millview, 358

Etta McKenzie, Flat River, 357

Louis Haszard, Charlottetown, 357

Malcolm McQueen, Uigg, 354

Eugene McDonald, Kelly's Cross,352

Minnie Duffy, Fort Augustus,352

Harry Ritchie, Charlottetown,349

Mollie Sterns, Souris, 347.



The following having failed in Arithmetic will be admitted to study in the College but not for teachers' licenses:

Lottie Deacon, York, 395

Harry Hibbert, Georgetown, 384

George W. H. Noonan, Searletown, 384

Oscar McCallum, Brackley Point, 382

Annie Campbell, Cardigan North, 380.



The following candidates unsuccessful in the Senior examinations, passed the Junior.

Sidney C. Hayden, Vernon River, 311

Elsie LePage, Charlottetown, 294

Regina M. Flood, Maplewood, 287

George Hyndman, Charlottetown, 266

Mary LePage, Charlottetown, 262

Helen Dunbar, Alma, Lot 3, 261.


Marks obtainable, 500; necessary to pass, 250.

Maggie Loughran, Auburn, 354

A. Cecelia Williams, Mount Pleasant, 334

Alexander Matheson, Heatherdale, 327

Walter Jones, Pownal, 323

Anastasia Smith, Brookvale, 321

Owen Kiggins, Brookvale, 317

Owen McDonald, Kelly's Cross, 309

James McLeod, Richmond, 307

Arthur Cameron, Montague, 304

John Gillis, Heatherdale, 298

Maggie Keegan, Brookvale, 292

Wesley Coffin, Lot 40, 278

Wilfred Gavin, Alberton, 278

Annie S. Jenkins, Mount Albion, 274

Daniel Ross, Garfield, 260

Mina Fraser, Eldon, 251

Mary Laird, North Bedeque, 247.


The following having previously passed the Junior Examination have been successful in Senior:

James McGuigan, South Melville, 177

Nellie Nicholson, Crapaud, 155.

Oscar Roberts, Murray Harbor South, 149

Veronica Trainor, South Melville, 143

William J. Green, Clifton, 135

Stephen Bradley, Kelly's Cross, 134

Mary B. Simpson, Clifton, 127

Edmund Grady, Hope River, 123.

Intending students for the coming year must pay Mr. Newbury, the Assistant Provincial Treasurer, the tuition fee in advance before their names can be registered in the College Register.

Hereafter the marks in the several subjects will not be given to successful candidates.

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