Charlottetown Board of Trade, 1897

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

The Daily Examiner, January 2, 1897

The annual general meeting of the Charlottetown Board of Trade was held last evening. There were present: P. Blake, President, in the chair, T. Handrahan, S. W. Crabbe, W. L. Cotton, W. W. Beer, H. Haszard, J. T. Crockett, James Paten, N. Rattenbury, D. Farquharson, John McLeod, L. E. Prowse, R. McMillan, F. B. McRae, Mark Wright, J. D. McLeod, W. H. Atken, G. E. Auld, L. L. Beer, R. B. Norton, John McEachern, John Newson and D. Laird.

After the reading of the minutes and correspondence, the Board proceeded to consider a request of the Minister of Finance that all Boards of Trade in towns not sending delegates to transmit their views as to Tariff Reform to the Tariff Commission which sits at Halifax on the 21st and 22nd January inst.

After some discussion it was upon motion of R. B. Norton, seconded by Horace Haszard, resolved that a committee of five be appointed to ascertain the views of businessmen in this province and report at a subsequent meeting. Committee, D. Farquharson, D. Laird, N. Rattenbury, S.W. Crabbe, and Horace Haszard.

The President read the annual report of the Council reviewing the work of the Board for the past year. It was unanimously adopted.

Arrangements were made for a revision of the by-laws, after which the Board proceeded to the election of officers, as follows:--

Member of Council for Maritime Board -- Horace Haszard.
President -- Horace Haszard.
Vice President-- W. H. Aitken (re-elected).
Secretary -- Edmund T. Higgs.

Council -- T. Handrahan, J.. Newson, D. Farquharson, N. Rattenbury, J. Paton, S. W. Crabbe, L. L. Beer, George E. Auld.

Arbitrators -- T. A. McLean, J. Newson, D. Laird, W. W. Beer, T. Handrahan, N. Rattenbury, James Paton, S. W. Crabbe, B. Rogers, J. J. Davies, J. T. Crockett, W. W. Clarke.

The following gentlemen were elected members of the Board, viz., W. Matheson, H. W. Longworth, Robert Fennell, W. W. Stanley, O. Hornsby, F. Perkins, A. W. Sterns, George E. Full.

On motion of Hon. D. Laird, seconded by T. Handrahan, a suitable tribute was paid to the memory of the late B. D. Higgs, and B. W. Higgs, -- Secretary and acting secretary of the Board.

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