King's County Exhibition - 1897

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

King's County Exhibition - 1897

From the Daily Examiner, Charlottetown, July 28, 1897

A meeting of the managing committee of the King's County Exhibition Association was held at Georgetown on Monday, 26th July, inst.

Hon. D. Gordon, president of the Association, occupied the chair.

The report of the joint committee appointed to revise the prize list for King's County Exhibition was read and 25 cents added to each of the prizes for poultry, when the report was adopted.

The following have been appointed directors in charge of the several classes

King's County Exhibition, viz :---

Class 1 --- Horses, Arch. J. McDonald and Wm. H. Prowse.

Class 2 --- Cattle, H. James McPhee and F. G. Bovyer.

Class 3 --- Sheep, Geo. B. Aitken.

Class 4 --- Pigs, Leslie Poole.

Class 5 --- Poultry, D. A. McKinnon.

Class 6 --- Cheese and butter, G. A. Aitken.

Class 7 and 8 --- Grain and seeds, Nathaniel McLaren.

Class 9 --- Farming implements, R. J. McKenzie.

Class 10 --- Roots and vegetables, A. J. McDonald.

Class 11 --- Fruit, James Clow.

Class 12 --- Horticulture, Hon. D. Gordon.

Class 13 --- Woolen and Flaxgoods, Wm. H. Prowse.

Class 14 --- Fancy Work, Jas. E. Robertson, M. D.

Class 15 and 16 --- Fish, Leather and Harness, Wm. Gordon.

The Rules and Regulations were then considered and several amendments made, full particulars of which will be seen in the Prize List of the Exhibition.

The King's County Exhibition Association will pay Railway or Steamboat freight on all exhibits of live stock (excepting horses) shipped at Railway Stations east of Morell, King's County and from Beach Point and Murray River provided entries are made with the Secretary on or before Saturday, 25 Sept., prox.

Arrangements are to be made for holding an Agricultural meeting on Wednesday afternoon, Sept. 29th, and trotting and other races will also take place.

The Georgetown Hall Company have rented the Driving Park for a tea party and races about the middle of August.

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