PRIZE WINNERS....Daily Examiner, Charlottetown, March 24, 1898

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

PRIZE WINNERS....Daily Examiner, Charlottetown, March 24, 1898

The following list contains the names of the winners prizes in the drawing in aid of Fort Augustus Church.

2455: A A McLennan, Souris; Jersey Heifer.
2491: Mrs. Jas Moynagh, Souris East; Magnifying Glass and Views.
860: Shaughnessy, Newton Upper Falls; Chair Tidy.
1575: Susana Smith, Webster's Corner; Gold Brooch.
1515: Margaret Hetherman, Boston; Lamp.
5557: John C McDonald, Charlottetown; Picture.
2225: Mrs M Hannigan, 213 Franklin St.: Wine Decanter.
2227: Milly McKenzie, 13 Tranius St. Cam; Glass Fruit Dish.
1666: Matt J Phelan, Rosindale; Mat.
309: Nellie McDonald, 422 Boston, Mass; Tea Cosy.
4024: H J Cunningham, Cambridge; Set Candle Sticks.
2418: Robert McGuirk, Dromore; Bed Spread.
2179: Rev. Dr. Doyle, Vernon River: Crystal Set.
1971: Edward Croken, Emerald: Cologne Stand.
5774: Maynard T McDonald, Georgetown; Silver Watch.
5772: Maggie Sencebaugh, Georgetown; Butter Cooler.
872: Richard Asbourn, 372 Elliot St., Upper Falls; 4 Sheep.
3262: George Auld, Charlottetown; Silver Butter Knife and Sugar Spoon.
755: Mrs. William Brazil, Johnston's River; Fancy Table Cover.
8403: W C McLauchlin, 18 Middlesex St., Malden; Parlor Stove.
2762: Jas Sullivan, Pleasant St., Norwood: Mat.
1675: Blanche McSwain, Pleasant St., Norwood; Sofa Cushion.
1163: Jas E Connick, Kensington; Set Vases.
8220: Mrs. Bernard McCabe, Tracadie; Ayrshire Cow.
8691: Georgia M Mutch, Southport: Silver Pickle Dish.
4721: Claira McLeod, Charlottetown; Crystal Set.
350: Mrs. Lawrence Driscoll, 77 Bradford St. Lawrence; Steel Plough.
611: Edward McPhilips, Kinkora; Organ.
8030: Nicholas Dunphy, 107 Boylston: Heifer.

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