1899 Abbies Football

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

From the Daily Examiner, October 20, 1899.

Dateline Halifax, Oct. 20, 1899.


(With a photograph of the team and its mascot, possibly a golden retriever.)

In one of the fastest games of football ever played here, the Abegweits of Prince Edward Island, yesterday defeated the Wanderers of Halifax, thus winning the Maritime championship....it was considered by the 4000 spectators who witnessed it the fastest and most furious ever played here.

Not one was seriously injured but time had to called repeatedly for slight injuries. The Abbies deserve all the praise that can be bestowed on them. Not only did they face veterans of a hundred matches, but men who had played against and won from the champions of the world. The Abbies looked like a crowd of school boys compared with their lusty opponents.

Listed under the photograph:

1. W. Jones

2. Art Gaudet

3. F. McGonnell (McDonnell?)

4. J. Murnaghan

5. J. Donahoe

6. C. E. McQuillan

7. W. McLeod

8. J. Darke

9. W. McKie

10. T. B. Foley

11. F. H. Blake

12. H. Bethune

13. L. B. McMillan

14. D. A. McKinnon

15. H. Ritchie


Blake, Gaudet and Murnaghan in the above team did not play yesterday - their places [had] been taken by Adolf Gaudet, Jas. McMillan and B. McQuillan.

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