Artillery Shooting Match, 1899

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

From the Daily Examiner, July 27, 1899.

The Score Made by No. 2. Co., C. A. at the Range Yesterday.

No. 2 Co. 4th C. A., shot their annual target practice yesterday at Kensington Range. The firing took place in a pouring rain, so that the scores were lower than usual.

Sgt. Major Sprague and Gunner Gill tied for the Challenge Cup, and on firing off, the Sergt.

Major came out ahead. Following are the leading scores:-----

S. Major Sprague, 62

Gr. F. Gill, 62

Corp. Moore, 55

Gr. George McLean, 54

Lt. Richards, 53

Sgt. Darke, 50

Sgt. Kennedy, 50

Gr. Muncey, 50

Corp. Campbell, 49

Pr. Pigot, 48

Gr. Webster, 40

Pr. Otway, 39

Gr. W. McLeod, 35

Gr. Mullins, 32

Pr. Dawson, 30

Corp. Gaudet, 29

Gr. R. Flood., 29


37 men shot in the match which was fired with the obsolete Martini Henri rifle still in the hands of our artillery.

The thanks of the company are due to the following gentlemen for prizes contributed:--

Lt. Col. Longworth, $4

Lt. Col. Moore, $2.50

Surg. Major Jenkins, $2.50

Major Morson, $ 2

Lt. Richards, $2

Capt Hodgson, $1

Lieut. Davison, $1

Geo. Mutch, $1

Joseph Merry, $ 1

Sgt. Maj. Warburton, $1

Reardon Bros, $1

Joseph Stanley, $1

P. S. Brown, $1

Owen Trainer, $1

Dr. Ayers, $1

Harry Connolly, 504

A Friend 504

Lt. Gov. McIntyre, Military Brushes

The GUARDIAN, EXAMINER and PATRIOT, one year's subscription each


Miller Bros, accordion

L. B. Miller, quarter C. B. C.

G. H. Taylor, clock

E. W. Taylor, inkstand

F. Westlake, 2 doz. cabinet photos

S. F. Tarbush, portrait

Mark Wright & Co., gold watch


J. McLeod & Co., goods $1 value

Gordon & McLellan, goods $1 value

R. H. Ramsay & Co., suit underwear

Alley & Co., slippers

Moore & McLeod, silk hd'kf

A. J. Quirk, frosted cake

A Friend, cuff studs

Angus McDonald, box cigars

J. A. Farquharson, box soap

W. F. Payne, case pipes

Stanley Bros., silk hd'kfs

Prowse Bros., goods, $2 value

Jas. Paton & Co., silk hd'kf

A. S. Hewitt, box cigars

Reddin Bros., pipe

A. W. Reddin, pipe

Dodd & Rogers, razor

J. McKenna, box cigars

J. P. Joy, bottle wine

Ferris & Frederickson, box cigars

Geo. E. Hughes, box cigars

W. H. Stewart & Co., slippers

A. E. McEachern, slippers

Byrne Bros., box cigars

Weeks & Co., shirt

F. Hornsby, set pipes and smokers

E. H. Duchemin, goods

R. K. Jost, slippers

J. H. Bell, shoes

L. W. Cook, cuff links

Haszard & Moore, dressing case.


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