Whelan Monument Fund, 1899

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

Whelan Monument Fund

Benevolent Irish Society, Emerald, PEI
Daily Examiner, August 12, 1899

The following sums have been subscribed....towards the erection of a monument to the late. Edward Whelan:

Sir Charles Tupper, Bart.

Sir Louis H. Davies

A Friend

Hon. Senator Yeo, Port Hill

Jas. F. White, Alberton

Benevolent Irish Society,
Benevolent Irish Society,

And the following members of the Emerald Branch, BIS:

Rev. D. B. Reid

George R. McMahon

Peter Duffy

Patrick Duffy

James L. Duffy

William Clarke

Peter A. McMahon

Matthias Smith

F. P. Murphy

P. F. Hughes

P. C. Murphy

Thos. F. Hughes

James Power

Edward Croken

Angus McInnis

Michael Croken

Bernard Smith

James E. Doyle

Millwood Doyle

Thos. B. Trainor

William Deighan

William H. Deighan

John Moynah

James McKenna

John T. Murphy

John Bradley

Charles McKenna

James H. Devereaux

Mark A. Smith

Joseph Creamer

St. Clair Gallant, M.D.

James M. Duffy

M. P. Driscoll

Arthur Murphy

Patrick Smith Trav.)

Michael Mulligan

Peter S. Duffy

Thomas Murphy

John T. Mullin

Thos. N. Donahoe

Henry Moynah

M. A. Ready

Bernard E. Croken

Patrick Cash

Michael Lamb

James Hughes

William Connick.


Some members living in outlying districts had not an opportunity of contributing.

As they hand in their contributions, their names will be forwarded for publication.

Patrick Bourke, Treasurer, BIS Society, August 3, 1889, Charlottetown.

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