Canadian Order of Foresters, 1899

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

From The Daily Examiner, Sept. 14, 1899.



R. J. Stewart, organizer of the Canadian Order of Foresters, has been in the city during the past week, and last evening saw the institution of another court of the order in Charlottetown.
The meeting was held in the Society's Hall, Prowse Block. Judging by the material secured by Mr. Stewart, the Court should become one of the strongest of the order. The Canadian Order of Foresters ranks among the best Fraternal and Benefits societies doing business in Canada, having a surplus of nearly one million dollars. Being a purely Canadian institution, it should commend itself to any person wanting first class assurance and benefits. The following were elected and installed as officers for the current year.

J.P. C. R. - Bruce Stewart.
C. R. - C. Leigh, jun.
V. C. R. - F. Muncey.
R. S. - H. W. Weeks.
G. S. - C. Y. Hughes.
Treas. - Dr. Ayers.
Chap. - Rev. R. S. Whiston.
Con. - B. S. McKinley.
S. W. - G. A. Hughes.
N. V. - C. D. Weeks.
L. B. - W. H. Small.
J. B. - B. Huggan.
Examining Physician - D. Bruce Shaw.
Fin. Con - G. A. Hughes, Rev. R. S. Whiston, and Dr. Shaw.
Auditors - L. M. Peardon and S. M. Jenkins.
Trustees - W. H. Cudmore, A. S. Hewitt, and J. R, Darke.

The court will be known by the name of Court Abegweit and will meet the second and fourth Thursdays in each month. Bros. McEwan, Dr. Dewar, Innis Gillispie, McNevin, past Chief Rangers and several other members of Court Charlottetown were present and assisted in the ceremonies. At the close of the business, Bros. Whiston, Leigh, Muncey, McEwan, Gillispie, McLeod, McNevin, Whitlock and others gave short address. The meeting adjourned at 11 p.m., all present feeling that the Canadian Foresters are on the boom in this city.

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