Harvest Excursions of 1899

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

As printed in The Daily Examiner, August 15, 1899.....

A harvest excursion party, numbering about 40, left this morning for the Northwest.

The party includes Daniel L. Taylor, Daniel Taylor and Neil McQuarrie, St. Peter's Island; John Burdette, Samuel McDougall, W. B. Mcphail, Judson Dickieson, H. Ottaway and Alex McDougall, West River; Elliot Barton, Cornwall; Sam McDougall, Fairview; John Burdeite (Burdette?) Fairview; Victor Martin, Orwell; Ben Hooper, Colville; John Russell, Brookfield; B. Balderston, Hunter River; W. Oxenham, Hunter River; Michael Power, E. McMillan, Covehead; J. McKinnon, St. Peter's; Clifford Scott, R. H. McLean, North River; George Warren, Norborough; J. F. Gorman and Arthur Douse, Charlottetown.

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