Notre Dame - New Members Received, 1899

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

From the Daily Examiner, December 13, 1899.

Convent de Notre Dame

Feast Day of the Children of Mary - New Members Received.

The pretty chapel of the Convent de Notre Dame, was on Thursday last, a scene of particular devotion. It was the annual feast day of the Children of Mary and the members of that sodality had assembled to celebrate it in a fitting manner. At 7 p. m., the chapel was filled to its utmost capacity and the altar was ablaze with myriad tapers. A suitable and nicely-worded sermon was preached by Rev. P. D. McGuigan, spiritual director of the society, after which followed Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. The singing of the Convent pupils was excellent, especially the "Ave Maria Stella" by Lizzie VanIderstine and Miss Yvonne Sheyhen.

During the evening, a reception was held and the following young ladies were admitted as members of the Sodality of the Children of Mary: Misses Emma Murphy, Mary E. McDonald, Florence McLean, Mary Butler, May King, Elizabeth Power, Margaret Power, Mary J. McCormack, Alice Trainor, Annie Clarkin, Yvonne Sheyhen, Ethel Foley, Margaret Walsh, Beatrice McDonald, Gertrude Bolger, Ellen Morgan, Eugenie Hornsby, Jacqueline Hornsby, Margaret Kelly.

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