Ships Registered at the Port of Charlottetown during the Year ending Dec. 31st 1901

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

From the Daily Examiner, December 31, 1901.

Feb. 22, 1901 - Schr. St Anne du Beaumont, built at Point Levis, Q, 66 tons. Managing owner, William McDonald, Souris, PEI

March 21 - Schr. Marian, Bonavista Bay, Nfld, 70 tons. George H. Toombs, Ch'town, PEI.

March 25 - Schr. Malabar, Lunenburg, NS, 98 tons. Joseph Read, Summerside, PEI.

May 22 - Schr Susan King, Tatamagouche, NS, rebuilt in 1901 at Port Elgin, NB, 28 tons. Adam Grant, Port Elgin, NB.

May 31 - Schr Howard L, rebuilt in 1901 in Summerside, PEI, and name changed to Eva May, 85 tons. James G. Farrow, Tryon, PEI.

May 11 - Schr Searchlight, Souris, PEI, 200 tons. Thos. Kickham, Souris West, PEI.

June 12 - Schr Evelyn, Shelburne, NS, 167 tons. John A. Matheson, Ch'town, PEI.

June 25 - Schr Mayflower, Cascumpeque, PEI, 18 tons. Jas. L Richards, Alberton, PEI.

June 25 - Schr Daisy, Cascumpec, PEI, 13 tons. Daniel Fraser, Alberton, PEI.

July 17 - Schr Husoler(?), Murray Harbor South,13 tons. Hugh Jackson, Murray Harbor South, PEI.

July 17 - Western Prince, Alberton, PEI, 10 tons. Wallace Richards, Alberton, PEI.

Aug 6 - Marion Louise, Pugwash, NS. 196 tons. Wm. H. Barnard, Summerside, PEI.

Aug 30 - Schr Daisy, Malbay, Gaspe Co., Q, 70 tons. Richard Moran, Ch'town, PEI.

Sept 11 - Schr Saxon, Lunenburg, NS, 79 tons. Edward Boswell, Crapaud, PEI.

Sept 18 - Schr Searchlight, Souris, 146 tons. Thomas Kickham, Souris West, PEI. (Since sold.)

Oct. 16 - Schr Citizen, Lunenburg, NS, 98 tons. Wm. A. Miller, Alberton, PEI.

Nov. 19 - Schr Bona Fides, Lunenburg, NS, 90 tons. Jas. E. McDonald, Cardigan, PEI.

Nov. 29 - Schr. Empress, Montague, PEI, 335 tons. British Lloyd's 9 A. George Wightman, Montague, PEI.

Total 18 vessels - 1782 tons.

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