Charlottetown Rangers Hockey Team, 1901

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

HOCKEY - Charlottetown Rangers Hockey Team, 1901

As Printed in the Daily Examiner, February 6, 1901.

A Few Words Regarding the Rangers

Tonight will take place in the Hillsborough rink something unique in the history of hockey in P. E. Island. Two colored teams will line up for the first time to play for the colored championship of the Maritime Provinces.[No results were printed.] The following is the personnel of the Rangers who are to defend the Island's prestige in the arena of sport.

Harry McNeill who guards the goal is a wonder in his position, and the player who shoots the puck into net will have to send it fast and quiet to escape the ever watchful and eagle-like eye.

Edmund Byers plays at point, and is the right man for the place. He is ever on the alert to ward off the onslaughts made on the goal and in doing so uses his body with much success.

George Mills occupies the responsible position of cover point on the team. George is an artful dodger and closely resembles Pickering of the Wanderers, who played here a few years ago. He checks hard, lifts with good judgment, and is a constant torment to the opponents' goalkeeper.

John Mills, who captains the team, besides being an excellent player has distinguished himself as a long distance skater. John holds the record between Mount Stewart and Charlottetown, which he made several years ago. He plays centre for his team and is without doubt the backbone of the splendid combination which the forwards play.

Al Ryan plays as rover, and is ever on hand when he is needed. He never takes his sharp eye off his man. His dodging is admired by all and he handles himself with the utmost precision through every stage of the game.

Bert Mills, the right wing, is the fastest skater on the ice. His lightning-like dashes and his jumping-jack leaps cause the spectators to hold their breath. He is an excellent stick-handler and the most fearless player on the team.

Lemuel Mills, the other wing man, is without doubt the coolest player in the aggregation. He plays with a great degree of confidence in himself, is always in his place, and with lightning-like velocity.

One other gentleman we must mention is Mr. Thomas Mills, the worthy President of the Rangers. It is chiefly due to his untiring efforts that his club now occupy so high a position in the hockey arena. Mr. Mills is also closely identified with the yachting fraternity of Charlottetown. He is, we may say, the only gentleman who can boast of four sons playing at the king game of Canada's winter amusement.

March 12, 1901 Daily Examiner..

Entries for the Races between the Vics (Truro) and the Rangers ( Charlottetown.):

2 Mile: Vics: J. Martin, H. Paris.
Rangers: G. Mills, E. Byers, C. DeCoursey, E. Crosby.

1 Mile : Vics: S. Cain, Walter Hill.
Rangers: G. Mills, A. Mills, E. Byers, A. Ryan, L, Mills, C. DeCousey

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