Seed Grain Competition, 1901

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

1901 Seed Grain Competition

Daily Examiner, February 15, 1901

Boys and girls who were successful competitors from PEI in a Seed Grain Competition.

S. H. Gordon, Lot 6, won $25.
Flora C. Livington, Hopefield, won $20.
Charles Gillis, Montrose, won $15.
Clara B. McLean, Point Prim, won $12.
Malcolm McDonald, Hampton, won $10.
Felix J. Campbell, Newport, won $8.
William J. Power, New Perth, won $5.
Irena S. Wigginton, Bridgetown, won $5.
Eugenie Arsenault, Urbinville, won $5.

March 10, 1901:

Mabel McLean, Lot 10, won $25.
Chester A. McKay, Park Corner, won $20.
Charles A. McKinnon, Graham's Road, won $15.
Cleveland Baker, Margate, won $12.
Samuel McLeod, Rose Valley, won $10.
Mary B. McLeod, South Granville, won $8.
Hazel Edward, North Wiltshire, won $5.
Joseph Marchbank, New Annan, won $5.
Ceofride Arsenault, Urbinville, won $5.
Miller McKinnon, Hampton, won $5.

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