Fruit Growers Assn., 1902

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

From the Daily Examiner, July 26, 1902.

The season for small fruits is upon us and Father Burke, President of the Fruit Growers' Association, was busy on Tuesday securing best prices for the surplus product with the city preservers. The state of prices is as follows: Gooseberries, 16 cents a gallon; currants, 16 cents a gallon; raspberries, 12 cents a gallon; and blueberries, 8 cents a gallon. A price for plums, apples and tomatoes will be made later and made known to the public. The fruits can be delivered at the following places:

Tignish - John McLellan Alberton - B Rogers and Dyer, Woodman and Hunter
St. Louis - J. Hughes and J. B. Gaudet Elmsdale - C. Currie and L. Rennie
O'Leary - W. H. Turner Coleman - A. McKinnon
Conway - L. G. Palmer Summerside - J. McGregor
Kensington - R. Tuplin & Co. Freetown - Craig & Taylor
Emerald - A. Craig Bradalbane - J. G. McKay & Co. and Kennedy & Co.
Hunter River - G. H. McGuigan Wiltshire - E. Campbell
Kinkora - T. A. McIvor Northam - D. Stewart
Crapaud - D. S. McQuarrie Stanley - Wedlock Bros.
Wellington - J. O Arsenault & Son Bloomfield - J. Pratt
Fredericton - J. A. Cutliffe Ch'town - B & M Rattenbury
Vernon River Bridge - G. Forbes Inkerman - John Robertson
New Perth - Wm McIntyre St. Teresa - A. Bradley
Georgetown - W. Jenkins Cardigan - J. F. Norton
St. Peters - Listock Anderson Montague - Daniel McGregor
Souris and Dundas - J. Kickham  

Fruit should be picked rather on the green side. Gooseberries are worth being gathered. It will be of great advantage to the fruit growers of this country to have a secure and fixed market for their surplus market in fruit.

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