Harvest Excursions of 1902

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

Added May 2003!The Daily Examiner, Charlottetown, August 18, 1902:

The railway station in Charlottetown and the principal stations on the line were the scenes of much bustle this morning owing to the departure for the Northwest and Manitoba of the sturdy farmers-sons and others of the Island to assist in the harvesting of the grain crops of that part of Canada. About one hundred and twenty-five left from Charlottetown. Many tickets were given the excursionists last week so as to prevent a repetition of last year's crush. The following are some of the names of those who went:

From St. Peters -

Jas J. McKinnon J. A. C. Morrison Jas. J. Dewan [Dwan] John Dewan [Dwan]
Jasper McLean William Walker Edgar Anderson Ronald Carter
Ruben Hayden Jos. McAulay Jos. McDonald Martin Duff
John J. McLellan James McMillan John A. McLeod H. D. McKenzie
Arthur Dewan Jos. McKinnon Jack Lawless Wilfred McDonald
Howard Anderson Christopher Owens Alvin Anderson  

From Souris -

Isaac White Joseph Deagle R. White Joseph Deagle
Bernard McEachern Joseph Deagle George McKenzie Geo. McDonald
Jas. Moynagh, Jr. Alex Gillan Sylvester Whalen John Turbid (?)
Malcolm Pacquet Edward Cormier Dan C. McDonald  

August 19, 1902: also from Souris: James Hayes, plus twenty from the surrounding country.

From Mount Stewart -

W. Craig W. McPherson Wm McLeod Heber Bambrick

Wm Morrison, from Kensington.

H. J. Ince, Charlottetown.

The Daily Examiner, Charlottetown - August 19, 1902

The Following are the names of those who took their tickets from Kensington on the harvest excursion yesterday.

From Kensington West:
Isaac Lowther.
John Anderson.
Wm. Morrison.
Ralph Rogers.
Joseph Whitehead.
John Mullin.
Thomas Cosley..(Caseley?)
Everett Cosley.
Benjamin McLeod..

From Darnley West:
John T McKay.
Joseph Burns.(Burris?)
John Hickey.
James Glover.

From Clifton:
John Cotton.
Jos. McLeod.

From Found's Mills:
Chester Mallet.
George Mallet.

From Burlington:
Sandy Cousins.
William Fraser.
Alex Campbell.

From Indian River:
Chas McDonald.
Joseph McLellan.
Mr and Mrs Kirkland.

From Margate:
Albert Glydon.
Moody Pound.
Harry Durant.
Frank Marks.
Moses Woodside..

Wm McLeod, Graham's Road.

George Warren, Spring Valley.

Allen Campbell, Long River.

Alfred Graham, Sea View.

And several others whose names were not learned.

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