Kensington High School - Farewell to Principals, 1902, 1903

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Kensington High School - Farewell to Principals, 1902, 1903

The Daily Examiner, Charlottetown, April 19, 1902

These students and teachers of the Kensington High School said farewell to the previous principal, Mr Norman E Carruthers who after five years was going to leave:

James A. Ready, Vice Principal.
Eliza McKelvie, 1st Department.
Annie B. Fraser, 2nd Department.

Pupils: C Scott Walker, Ralph Rogers, John M Hogg, Harry T Wright, Harrison Lowther, Justin M Hines, John A Anderson, Roy Schurman, Len A Tuplin, William Pidgeon, Lizzie W McKelvie, Pearl C Pidgeon, Jean Bowness, Marshall McMahon, Hector McLeod, Isadore Mullin, Everett Evans, Ruth Bernard, Bertha McLeod, H Mills, Annie Stewart, Beatrice Evans, J Byrne, Mary Moase, Evelyn Lowther, Harry Caseley, Pearl Flavin, Brenton Lowther, Chas Bentley, Mary Haywood, Harry Crozier, Hartly Whitehead, Walter Delaney, Elsworth Evans, John S Merry, Carrie Lowther, Bessie Bowness, Lloyd Murray, Carmen Pigeon, Maud Craig, Katie Gillis,, Jessie Cameron, Wilbert Hines, Ernie McLeod, Marshall Whitehead, Lizzie Caseley, Mildred Noonan, Florrie Stewart, Annie Goss, Lucy Evans, Eva Evans, Bert Mills, Story Farrow, Eugene Gillis, Laura Bernard, Lina Mullaly, Rachael Kennedy, Lucy McDonald, Waldin Cameron, Dan Ingles, Hazel Bowness, Addie Howard, Sadie Gillis, Alice Gay and all the primary class.

The Daily Examiner, Charlottetown, November 28, 1903

Ratepayers and Scholars of Kensington:

A large number of the ratepayers and scholars of the Kensington High School assembled in the Foresters Hall... the occasion being the presentation of addresses and gifts to their late Principal, Mr. J. A Ready, B. A., who now wields the editorial pen of the Summerside Journal. Mr. John Anderson presided and introduced the following speakers: Rev. Edwin Smith, J m Duncan, present principal, J. T Mullin, Dr. Darrach, Dr. Gillis, G. R. McMahon, D. McKenzie, and Horace Hickey.

Mr. Mullin, reviewed the work of the school from his personal experience as the oldest trustee in the district, intimating that every male teacher that left Kensington went to something better and nearly every lady teacher that left got married.


Evelyn Lowther read an address; Chas Bentley presented a handsome writing desk; and these students signed their names:

Isadore Mullin, Hector McLeod, Charlie Bentley, Ernie McLeod, Ruth Lowther, Evelyn Lowther, Carrie Caseley, Carmen Pidgeon, John Murray, Lucie Evans, Lloyd Murray, Stanley Caseley, Eva M Evans, Mary Thomson, Elizabeth Thomson, Florrie Stewart, Annie Goss, Weston Anderson, Story (?) Hynes, Wilfrid Hynes, Carrie Lowther.


Asking Mr Ready to accept a purse were:

John Anderson, G R McMahon, R T Moase, J T Mullin, D T McKay, J T Semple, A Bowness, R Nicholson, J E Gaudet, Jas Essory, Alfred Glover, W A Pidgeon, Wm Goss, D Darrach, Chas Doyle, T N Donahoe, W Murphy, S N Semple, C A McNutt, H R Morse, E G Gillis, Geo Murray, Jas Kennedy, Geo Higgins, W F Schurman, Gordon Glover, Major Schurman, D A McKenzie, E Proctor, H A Leslie, Henry Mill, Peter Ellis, M Brennan, J A Goodwill, Judson Stavert, Rev E Smith, Mrs. Hy Clark, Jas Smith, Jas Higgins, John T Ellis, Thos Enman, Jas E Connick, R Mulllaly, Alex McDonald, T Casely, Wm Thompson, Peter Enman, Gordon Tuplin, P H Flahaven, G P Cormick, A H Leslie.

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