Sunday School Teachers Graduating 1902

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

Sunday School Normal School Graduation

The Daily Examiner, Charlottetown, October 22, 1902.

POST GRADUATE COURSE (Not in order of merit)

Herbert Alexander, Stanhope.
Mary Ashleigh, Charlottetown.
May G. Dawson, Charlottetown.
Mrs Augustus Down, Charlottetown
Fairlie Durant, Margate.
Mrs W. J. Howard, Alberton
Bettie Leard, Alberton
Mrs A. E. Long, Tyne Valley.
Carrie Lowther, Alberton.
Mrs J. W. McConnell, Ch'town
Mrs. Thos. Pickard, Ch'town
Bertie Profit, Charlottetown.
Mrs S. Sanderson, Charlottetown.
Elizabeth S. Sneeston, Ch'town
Mary Stewart, Tyne Valley.
Ada A. Wadman, Charlottetown.
Emma Wilkinson, Alberton.

ORDINARY COURSE (Not in order of merit.)

Eda Aitken, Charlottetown.
Flora Campbell, Victoria West, Lot 12.(?)
Gustavus A. Clay, Mount Hope.
Maud Down, Ch'town
Adelia J. Dockendorff, Dundas.
Mira Ellis, Summerside.
Drusilla Harper, Ch'town
Maud Hayes, Bideford.
Laura Hughes, Ch'town
Carrie Inman, Central Bedeque.
Carrie Leard, Alberton.
Mrs A. E. Long, Tyne Valley.
Carrie Lowther, Alberton.
John Mollison, Summerside.
Bella Montgomery, Tyne Valley.
Gertrude Montgomery, Tyne Valley.
Thos Moyse, Central Bedeque.
Zillah Muirhead, Summerside.
Bessie McKay, Summerside.
Christy McLeod, Victoria West, Lot 13.
Wm. McMurdo, Summerside.
Alex Palmer, Freeland, Lot 11.
Guissie Purdy, Ch'town
May Purdy, do.
Mrs Thos E. Ramsay, Summerside.
Matilda Ramsay, Summerside.
Pearl Ranon, Victoria West, Lot 13.
Mary A. Robertson, Southport.
Matilda Sellar, Charlottetown.
Selina Sellar, Charlottetown.
Mary Stewart, Tyne Valley.
Annie White, Alberton.
Mrs. Lemuel Winchester, Ch'town
Chas Wright, Central Bedeque.
Alice Wright, Central Bedeque.

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