St. Mary's Academy, Soire Musicale, 1902

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

From the Daily Examiner, November 20, 1902.

The Soire Musicale by the pupils of St. Mary's Academy (Summerside) held in their music room on Wednesday evening last was a decided success. The programme was as follows:

Entree, Welcome Song, sung by twenty-three pupils. The verses were sung in excellent style by Misses Winnie Kenney and Zita Durant, the others joining in chorus.

Instrumental music by four pupils. Misses E. Noonan, P. McNeill, R. McDonald, Edna Noonan, on pianos, accompanied by their teacher on an organ.

Song "Won't You Come to My Tea Party", by twenty little tots was very prettily rendered.

Instrumental music, Misses Zita Durant, Winnie Kennely, Irene McLellan, and Nonie Gillis, which was also nicely rendered.

Recitation in Scotch costume, "Leaving Scotland for Canada" was well done by Miss Grace Blagdon, followed by a chorus sung by eight girls; then a Scottish song by Miss Ida Cushing and Zita Durant, N. Perry, Edna Noonan and Gertie Noonan.

Vocal solo "Mary of Argyle" by Miss Clare McKinnon in her best style.

Recitation, "Joan of Arc at Riens"(by) Miss Birdie Kenney which was creditably done.

Vocal solo in suitable costume; representing Joan of Arc at Rouen; the part was well taken by Miss Regina Deegan.

Instrumental solo, Miss Zita Durant.

The last, and perhaps the most pleasing part of the programme, calisthenics was taken up by nineteen little girls attired prettily in pink and white, and carrying pink hoops, they taking the most difficult parts gracefully without error, and ended by singing, "Bon Soir".

"God Save the King."

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