Harvest Excursions of 1903

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

The Daily Examiner, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island - Friday, August 21, 1903.

Hundreds of P E Island's Sons Left for Manitoba and the Territories To-day

The annual harvest excursions of farm laborers from Eastern Canada to the Northwest, arranged by the Canadian Pacific Railway took place today.

Probably never in history have so many of Prince Edward Island's sons left their homes on any one day before. Truly a finer body of young men have never gone forth from any homes, nor a finer lot of fortune seekers ever assembled together than the Northumberland took over from Prince Edward Island to the mainland today. (More than five hundred.)

SOME OF THE NAMES (as printed)


Gasper McLean, Spurgen VanIderstine, Louis Drane, Wellington McInnis, Peter McLellan, Ambrose Larkin, Jas McAulay, Jack Sutherland, W McLeod, Gordon Anderson, Norman McLaren, James Purcell, Michael Murphy, James McMillan, Ronald McCormack.


A McLeod, William Affleck, Arthur Logan, Winsloe Clarke, Bruce Jay, Frank Pigott, G H Pigott, Ira Bert, Frank Bert, Geo Bert, Melville Coffin, J A McDonald.


Pius McCormack, Daniel Campbell, Hyciant Besard, William O'Neil, Sam McPherson,George Nelson, Fred Campbell, Neil Currie, Jas McCormack, John McKenzie, Ernest Poole, Maurice Bert, Wesley Smith, Percy Smith,, Barnaby McPherson.


Frank McDonald, Francis Cormier, John F McLellan, Alex Nicholson, Samuel Nicholson.


D Fisher, Allan McEachern, John McEachern, William Trainor, William Currie.


Geo Chopley, Joseph Cullen, P Burke, A W Robertson, R Stewart, B McMillan, W Auld,

H H Lanks, H V Chopley.


John McLean, Geo M Nicholson, Wm McLeod, Roderick McLeod


Neil Steele, Joseph McCormack, Jenerias McCormack, Michael Crawford, John R McCormack, H McCormack.


Arch McLean, Lot 48.
Robert McRae, Pownal.
Robert P Stevenson, Winsloe.
Bert Warren, North River.
John W McLeod, Kinross.
Gordon Robertson, Marshfield.
Edw Ferguson, Alberry Plains.
John Archd McLean, Forty-Eight.
Artemas Ross, Kinross.
Wallace McNeill, Village Green.
John G. McDonald, St. George's.
Miss Maggie Nicholson (for Alberta)
and Alex Ross, Dundas.
Alder McKie, Bay Fortune.
Allen Stewart.
Angus McKinnon, Canoe Creek.
Bert McEarchen, Long Creek.
Lauchlin McEarchern.
John Stewart, New Argyle.
Mock (?) McEarchern and Donald McEarchern.


Arthur Hazard, Chester Gregory, Albert Gregory, Thomas Connolly, Ernest Winchester, Lester Proud, Walter Higgins, James Waughan, Charles Coyle, Wallie Williams, Jack Martin.

August 24, 1903.

Among the young persons who left Friday for the Northwest were J, Kennedy, L M Dewar, Geo Dewar, C G Keefe, H E McKay, J R Bruce, Wm Annear, S W Bailey, Wm H Martin, Dower Kennedy, Guy, Nelson, Thos Lowther, James McAvoy, Bruce Rodd (or Rood) of Montague;

Jas McKinnon, W A Connier, John McIsaac, Lee McDonald, L Mooney, F McDonald, S J Nicholson, John McQuaid, John Campbell, Jas Whalen, G Stewart, Peter Chaisson, James Chapman, Peter McCormick, Charles Holland of Souris;

Frank McFadyen, John McLeod, Ward Fitzgerald, James Fitzgerald, John Doyle, D Christopher, H Doyle, J Ellsworth, Miss Flora Larkin, Michael Raidy, John Caie, Jos Shea, Andrew Caie, Bruno Gaudet, Jos Chaison, of Tignish;

D McPherson, John Ross, Moses Gallant, E Smith, E McPherson, Watson Waye, J Martin, Ed White, T Doucette, R McSwain, J Coles, H Mathieson, H Bagnall, A Trainor, N Doyle, D E Ford, W J Ford, C Showery, N Gamester, D Fraser, Clarke Stevenson, Gordon McLeod, H Gamester, J H Lawson, John Stevenson, Jos McDonald, G Bulman, Henry Houston, C L Bagnall, R E Bagnall of Hunter River;

Daniel McLure and John Linkletter, Union Corner, Lot 15;

Wilfred McQuarrie, Henry Inman, J W Knox, S Lamont, J L Wright of Victoria;

Fred Gillis, Guy C Ives, Harry Dougherty, Theo Arsenault, Hammond Dogherty, Thos McInnis, Wm Perry, Arch Gaudet, Moses DesRoche, Ban Gaudet, Adon Gaudet, Wm Perry, Jas LeClerc of Miscouche.

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