New Vessel Registrations, 1904

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

Vessels Registered at Charlottetown, 1904. - From the Daily Examiner, December 31, 1904.

The following vessels were registered at this port during the year now closing:

Jan 2, Schr Elva M, from Mahone Bay, NS, 92 tons, by Edward Boswell, of Victoria, Crapaud, PEI.

June 6, Schr Bessie Willis, from Ship Harbour, NS, 99 tons by John A. Mathieson, of Charlottetown, PEI.

July 4, Schr Golden Rule, from Murray River, PEI, 8 tons, by John Cahoon, of Murray Harbor, PEI.

July 18, Schr Nellie M. Snow, from Booth Bay, Maine, USA, 75 tons, by Jacob W. Duggan, of Boston, Mass, USA.

August 2, Schr James A Gray, from Bath, Maine, USA, 91 tons, by Alexander J. McFadyen, of Tignish, PEI.

Sept. 9, Schr Happy-Go-Lucky, from Port Medway, NS, 36 tons, by George Allen, of Cardigan, PEI.

Oct 11, Schr Corona, built at Cardigan, PEI, 177 tons, by Georgina G. MacDonald, of Cardigan, PEI.

Nov 23, Schr Phebe and Emma Small from United States, 70 tons, by Garret Hubley, of Charlottetown, PEI

Dec. 21, Annie, from Pictou, NS, 22 tons, by Barney John Sundby, of Port Elgin, NB.

Of these, 2 were new vessels, 5 were transferred to this port, and 2 were purchased from foreigners. Total 9 vessels admitted to Registry during the year B 670 tons. The total tonnage remaining upon the Charlottetown Register at the end of the year amounted to 12,200 tons, divided among 161 vessels, viz, 2 barques, 5 barkentines, 2 brigantines, 135 schooners, 1 sloop and 16 steamers.

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