Labour Day, 1905

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

From the Daily Examiner, September 1, 1905.

Labor Day at Summerside

Many from Charlottetown taking part.

The following are entries for the Labor Day Sports to be held on Summerside Driving Park:

One Mile Bicycle - Sterling Phillips, Charles Gallant, A. B. McLeod, Summerside; Jack Mitchell, Harry Stanley, Earl McKenzie, A. L. Luby, Charlottetown.

100 Yards Dash - Leonard McNeil, J. A.(?) Christopher, Summerside; W. J. Trainor, Emerald; Ernest Teed, William Watkins, Charlottetown.

220 Yards Run - Summerside Married Men - George Arsenault, James F. Paterson. Edward Matthews, Ernest Lyle, James Crossman, Wesley Gould, Wm. B McNeill, P. R. McLellan.

Quarter Mile Run, Union Men Only - Ernest Lyle, George Clow, P. R. McLellan, Wesley Gould

Running Broad Jump - J. J. Gillis, Paul Durant, Frank McCallum.

Three Legged Race (50 yards) - J. J.(?) Christopher and James McKay; Wesley Gould and Ernest Lyle; Frank McCallum and Ezra Condon.

120 Yards Hurdle - J. J. Gillis, W. J. Trainor, Ernest Teed, Ezra Condon, William Watkins.

Sack Race (50 yards) - J. J. Christopher, James McKay and Frank McCallum.

One-Mile Bicycle (Novice) - Sterling Phillips, Charles Gallant, A. B. McLeod, Jack Mitchell, Earl McKenzie, A. L. Luby.

220 yds Dash, boys under 16 - Levi Phillips, John Ferguson., Arthur Buote, Stanley Perry, Neil Durant, John Steele, Arthur Arsenault, Jack Mitchell.

Standing High Jump - Leonard McNeill, Paul Durant, Frank McCallum, Ezra Condon.

Putting Shot - Ernest Lyle, Frank McCallum, W. B. McNeil, Patrick Trainor.

440 yards Run - Leonard McNeill, J. J. Christopher, James McKay, Paul Durant, J. J. Gillis, W. T. Trainor, Ernest Teed, William Watkins.

Throwing 16 lb. Hammer - Ernest Lyle, Frank McCaull, Henry Leard, Elijah Bishop.

Running High Jump - Sterling Phillips, Leonard McNeill, James McKay, Paul Durant, George Clow, W. J. Trainor.

Tug of War between Prince and Queen's Counties. Entries on the field.

Throwing 12 lb. Hammer, boys only - Reg McLean, Leonard McNeill, Frank McCallum, George Clow and J. Wedge.

Pole Vault - Paul Durant, E. Condon, William McMurdo, George Clow, W. J. Trainor, and Jack Mitchell.

100 yds. Dash, Union Men only. - Ernest Lyle, Wesley Gould, P. B.(?) McLellan.

Mile Bicycle Race - Sterling Phillips, Charles Gallant, A. B. McLeod, Jack Mitchell, Harry Stanley, Earl McKenzie and A. L. Luby.

There may be a few more entries that have not yet come to hand.

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