New Vessel Registrations, 1906

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

From the Daily Examiner, January 2, 1907.

The Vessels Registered At the Port of Charlottetown Last Year.

The vessels registered at this port last year included:

January 19, schr. Francis D. Cook, built at Murray River, PEI, 47 tons, owned by Reuben Cahoon of Beach Point, Murray Harbor, PEI.

March 7, Prince Consort, built at Mahone Bay, N. S., 80 tons, owned by Robert McLaurin, Charlottetown, P.E.I.

May 17, Schr. Laura, built at Chezzetcook, N. S. 31 tons, owned by Robert McLaurin, Charlottetown, since sold in Newfoundland.

June 13, steamship "Empress" built in Newcastle-on-Tyne, 612 tons, the Charlottetown Steam Navigation Co. Limited.

July 27, schr. A. Lincoln, built at Essex, Mass, U.S., 58 tons, Simon Pineau, of North Rustico, P.E.I.

August 10, steam tug, Islander, built at Shelburne, N.S., 37 tons, owned by the Island Tug Company of Charlottetown.

September 29, schr. Polar Star, built at Brooklyn, N.S., 76 tons, owned by Charles Lyons, Charlottetown.

October 29, Schr. M. C. A., built at Souris, P.E.I., 77 tons, Cleophas Arseneau, of House Harbor, Magdalen Islands.

November 14, schr. Frank, built at Souris, 10 tons, Joseph M. Cheverie, of Souris, P.E.I.

November 14, schr. Sea View, built at Sea View, Queen's County, 13 (or 43) tons, Stanford Pickering of Sea View, Queen's County, P.E.I.

November 28, schr. Christie Belle, built at Mosher's River, N.S., 13 tons, James J. Hughes, of Souris, PEI.

Altogether, 5 new vessels, measuring 759 tons;

5 vessels transferred from other ports, measuring 196 tons; and one registered new, total 11 vessels, 1013 tons.

The shipping registered and owned here now comprises:

2 barques, measuring 1823 tons,

1 barkentine, 397 tons,

2 brigantines, 360 tons,

126 schooners, 5931 tons,

1 dredge, 459 tons,

2 naphtha and gasoline launches, 10 tons.

A total of 149 vessels, 10,761 tons.

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