St. Joseph's Convent, 1906

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

Results of a Year - St. Joseph's Convent

From the Daily Examiner, June 23, 1906


Prizes for the highest number of marks: - 1st Div., Josephine Trainor, Kathleen Trainor;

2nd Div., Mary A. Cullen, 3rd Div., Hermine (?) Blanchard.

Reading - 1st Div., Maggie Francis, Helen Bradley, Nellie Landrigan, Margaret Jenkins, Mary Toole, Maggie Doyle;

2nd Div.,Antoinette Keenan, Ethel Byrne, Bertha Halloran, Maggie Butler, Corinne Dudier, Angelina Martin, Mary McArdle.

3rd Div., Elizabeth Jane Trainor, Mary McInnis, Rose MacMillan, Rose Gallant, Mamie Rush, Bertha Hogan, Annie Griffin.

Spelling - Josephine Trainor, Maggie Francis, Vera Doyle, Ella May Larkins, Ellie Whitty, Nellie Landrigan, Mary Toole, and Lizzie Weatherbie.

Mental and Practical Arithmetic - Maggie Francis, Helen Bradley, Louisa Stanley, Viola Higgins, Alice Carragher, Mamie Duffy, Laura Morgan, Georgie Collins.

Sentence Building and Reproduction Stories - Helen Bradley, Josephine Trainor, Ellie Whitty, Margaret Jenkins.

Attendance - Laura Morgan, Mary Morgan, Gertie Gillis, Kathleen Trainor, Mary McInnis, Mary Toole.

Prize for Religious Instruction and Bible History, merited by Josephine Trainor, Margaret Jenkins, Gertie Gillis, Hattie Burns, and awarded to Nellie Landrigan.

Prize for Domestic Economy, equally merited by Maggie Francis, Josephine Whitty and awarded to Ella M Larkins.

Prize for Plain Knitting, merited by Mamie Duffy, Maggie Francis, May Morgan and awarded to Viola Higgins.

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