Union Commercial College Grads, 1908

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

Graduates of the Union Commercial College, Summerside.

From the Daily Examiner, June 26, 1908.

Book of Poems presented by Journal Publishing Company, awarded to Olive Murray for highest aggregate in the commercial Department.

Book of Poems, presented by Sinclair and STEWART, Ltd., for highest aggregate in the Shorthand Department.

Prize for neatness in work, presented by Brace, McKay, Co., Ltd., awarded to John McCabe, Middleton.

Prize for Penmanship, presented by J. C. Jardine, awarded to Stewart Linkletter, Linkletter.

Second Prize for Penmanship, presented by D. K. Currie, Grand River awarded to Miss Gertie McKinnon, Garand River.

Prize for Spelling, presented by M. L Frank McKenzie, awarded to Isaac Linkletter, Linkletter.

Gold bracelet, presented by R. T. Holman, Ltd., awarded to Miss Ethel McDowell for typewriting.

Prize for neatness in work, presented by The Pioneer Pub. Co., awarded to Katie Morrison, Summerside.

$5.00 gold piece for proficiency in Shorthand, presented by M. F. Schurman, Co., presented to Lulu Richardson, St. Eleanor's.

List of Graduates....

Commercial Department.

Olive Murray, Honors.

Bruce Davison, Bedeque.

Isaac Linkletter, Linkletter, Honors.

Percy Cameron, Wellington, Honors.

Louise Yeo, Port Hill.

Eva Beairsto, Summerside.

Roy Grigg, West Devon.

Henry Craswell, St. Eleanor's.

Harry Allen, Summerside.

Agnes McDonald, Georgetown, Honors.

Katie Morrison, Summerside.

John McCabe, Middleton, Honors.

Stewart Linkletter, Linkletter.

Harold Strong, Summerside.

William McEwen, St. Eleanor's.

Charles Stavert, Summerside.

Brewer Robinson, Summerside.


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