Artillerymen for Pettawarwa, 1909

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

From the Daily Examiner, July 17, 1909

The Contingent for Petawawa - Artillerymen left by Special Train Today.

The P. E. Island contingent of artillery consisting of 120 men left by special train this morning for Summerside.

No. 2 Company's quota was composed of the following:--

Major Darke.

Captain McKinnon.

Lieuts. Jordan, Bayer and Bethune.

Sergt. Major F. Murray.

Q.M.S. A. McKenna.

Sergts: R. Diamond, L. Seaman, J. Monaghan, S. Bagnall, H. Smith.

Corps: R. Sterns, W. VanIderstine, R. Seaman,

Bombs: H. Sellar, H. J. McLeod, G. McQuaid, G. Campbell, G. Adams, J. McKenna, J. Hennessey, V. Saunders, H. Palmer, J. Saunders, J. Daly, C. Hamm, A. Seaman, F. Dorsey, G. McKenna, J. G. Bennett, W. Grant, E. Nicholson.

No. 1 Company's quota was composed as follows:--

Major Leigh, in command.

Capts. Prowse and Webster.

Lieuts. McKay, Garnhum, and Stanley.

Sergt-Majors T. Howatt and D. Ferguson.

Q.M.S. E. Heartz.

Sergts. C. McIntyre, W. L . Smith, McCaulder, Prowse.

Crops: McCabe, Wakeling.

Bombs: Landrigan, Huntley, E. Trainor, N. McLeod.

Signalling Sergt: J. Murley.


L. Davison

W. McKenzie

F. Taylor

S. McKenzie

H. Johnson

F. Furze

F. Ritchie

F. Howatt

H. Steele

L. Doyle

S. McInnis

G. V. Essory

A. L. Crockett

R. McClarey

A. McDonald

J. A. Murphy

J. McKay

A. Hennessey

V. Gillan

R. Jury

A. Burke

W. McKenzie

E. McLean

G. Brady

T. Conroy

W. Wakeling

A. Walker

H. Edmunds

P. J. McKenna

H. McInnis


D. Welsh

F. Large,

L. Pound

A. McCormack

A. Callaghan

A. McAskill

T. Harper.




The Officers with No. 3 Company's quota are Major Sterns, Lieuts. McKay, McQuaid and Robertson.

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