Clydesdale Sale, 1909

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

From Jan 2, 1909, Daily Examiner.

Mr Maharey of Russel, Ontario, brought horses from Scotland for sale on PEI.

The auction sale of Maharey's Clydesdale fillies in Summerside on Tuesday was well-attended. Mr. W. T. Bowness was the auctioneer.

The purchasers were: John Macdonald, Summerside, two; David Read, Traveller's Rest; James Gillis, Montrose; George McFarlane, Bedeque; Alfred McLean, Lot 16; Thomas Linkletter, St. Eleanor's; Gordon Huestis, Wilmot; Herbert J. Leard, Bedeque; Robert Baker, North Bedeque.

Nineteen beautiful Clydesdale mares of the same lot were disposed of at the Strathcona Stables, Charlottetown, on Thursday afternoon by auctioneer Carter. Bidding was lively and the sale created much interest among horsemen. The purchaser and price paid were:

P. S Brown, city, bought two, paying $327 and $300 respectively; Robert Roberts, Winsloe, bought two, paying $389 and $225 respectively; William Owen, Keppoch, bought two, paying $350 each; W. W. Crosby, West River, bought two, paying $260 and $250 respectively.

Hon. Peter McNutt, Malpeque, $360; Henry Mallett, Founds Mills, $332; John Walker, North River, $375.

James A. McDougall, Fairview, $310; Lewis McCallum, Brackley Point, $230; Allan Shaw, Cardigan, $220; John Bradley, city, $297; William Vickerson, North River, $300; Charles Bryenton, Winsloe, Winsloe Road, $292; Daniel Stewart, Southport, $250.

These prices on average were considerably higher than those obtained in Summerside.

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