Highland Gathering, 1909

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From the Daily Examiner, August 20, 1909

The Scottish Gathering at Riverside Park [Vernon River Bridge] was one of the largest and most successful ever held in the Province. From East Point to West Cape, the whole Island was represented and the presence of the Maritime Board of Trade supplied, in addition, intelligent and interested spectators from Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. The number of top buggies and fine equipages in the neighboring field spoke more eloquently than words of the wealth and comfort of the people round about Vernon. The old Scotch games were entered into with the usual vim and the results are shown below. His Honor the Lieutenant Governor distributed the prizes at the last.

The dancing this year was worthy of special mention. That of Mr Mac McNeill of Long Creek, in Ghillie Callum was admirable considering the age of the competitor, who seems yet to be filled with the spirit of his earlier days. But he was of course, at a disadvantage in comparison with the younger and sprightlier competitors, Messrs. Campbell and McDonald.

A decided and delightful feature of this part of the entertainment was the dancing of the Sailor's Horn-pipe by Master McLaren, son of the Inspector of Customs who is now visiting in this Province. To the music of our veteran and accomplished violinist, Mr. Augustine McInnis, he responded beautifully to every note and quiver of the music and gave an exhibition of the poetry of motion, such as was never before seen in the Province. Young McLaren also gave as exhibition dances, the Highland Fling and Ghillie Callum to the great delight of all present, especially the sons and daughters of Auld Scotland.

Another beautiful feature of the dancing was the excellent performance of three little girls - the Misses Byrne and Miss McDonald of this city. Their dancing also was wonderfully correct and graceful as well as sprightly in every motion. At the end, the children were rapturously applauded, and some of the spectators called out, 'That's the best yet," etc.

The weather conditions were perfect throughout, the heat of the sun being tempered by grey clouds and everything conspired to make the gathering enjoyable.


Putting Light Stone - 1, John McPherson, Montague; 2, William McLean, DeGros Marsh; 3, Malcolm McDonald, Lorne Valley; 4, Herb Campbell, Montague.

Running High Jump - 1, John McPherson, Montague; 2, H. Campbell, Montague; 3, F. Campbell, Montague.

Throwing Light Hammer - 1, William McLean, DeGros Marsh; 2, Malcolm McDonald, Lorne Valley; 3, John McPherson, Montague.

220 Yard Run - 1, P. Hooper, Charlottetown; 2, H. Stanley, Charlottetown.

Hop, Skip and Jump - 1. Herb Campbell, Montague; 2, John McPherson, Montague; 3., A. Lemon, Montague.

Pole Vault - 1. Charles McGregor, Charlottetown; 2, H.(?) Lemon, Montague; 3, (three tied in this place) Scantlebury, Campbell and McLean.

Running High Jump (amateur) - 1. A. McEachern, City; 2, L. McLeod, Valleyfield.

150 Yard Dash - (boys under 16) - 1, Ed. McGrath, Lorne Valley; 2, John McNair, City.

120 Yards -un (?) - 1, John McPherson, Montague; 2, Malcolm McDonald, Lorne Valley; 3, Wm. McLean.

Sack Race - 1, John McPherson, Montague; 2, H. Campbell; 3, Wm. McLean.

Half Mile Run - (Amateurs) - 1. H. Harley; 2, H. M Robertson; 3, P Corish.

Running Broad Jump - 1, John McPherson, Montague; 2, Herb Campbell, Montague;3, F. Campbell.

Dancing Ghillie Callum - 1, Chas. Campbell; 2, J. J. McDonald.

Dancing Highland Fling - Charles Campbell.

One Mile Run - 1. Malcolm McDonald, Lorne Valley; 2, Phil Duffy; 3, Russel McLaren.

Boys' Race - 1, J. McDonald; 2, Jack McNair.

The half mile race created a great deal of interest as four of the Island's fastest long distance runners faced the mark - namely Michael Thomas, Harry Harley, M. Robertson, P. Corish. At the start, it looked as if Thomas was going to win with lots to spare, but Harley had been there before and knew how to run a half mile and nearing the finish put on a magnificent sprint and captured first place with Robertson a good second and Corish third.

In the 220 yards dash only two competitors started. It was won by P. Hooper, in easy style with H Stanley second.

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