Hillsboro School Honor List, 1909

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

Daily Examiner, July 18, 1909


The closing exercises of the Hillsborough Consolidated School on Wednesday were well attended and a splendid program was rendered. His Honor the Lieutenant Governor presided. Addresses were given by Prin. McLean, Dr. Anderson, Rev. Mr. Chowan, Mr. W. S. Stewart, K. C., Rev. James McCallum, Rev. Mr. Hawley and Principal Miller of the Charlottetown Business College.

Silver medal, awarded by the teaching staff to the best student in the senior class - Harry Balderston..
Sir William Macdonald gold medal awarded to the best student, not a graduate, in senior class - Chester Balderston.
Dr. Robertson silver medal, awarded to second best student in the senior class, not a graduate - Hattie Beaton.
Carr mathematical gold medal - Fauntleroy Kennedy.
Maclean gold medal for the highest marks in matriculation to Prince of Wales College - won in 1908 by Mabel McKinnon.
Reading prizes – Chester Balderston, Susie McGregor, Edith Mutch.
Writing prizes – Georgie Driscoll, Wendall Mutch.
McCarron attendance prize - Hettie Beaton, Elvira Stewart, Stella Corish, Lillian Driscoll, Edna Ferguson, Willa McPhail, Bertha Mason, Helena McRae. These all attended every day in the term.

Senior diplomas - Chester Balderston, Hettie Beaton, Millie McLeod, Susie McGregor, Laura Munn, Leo Driscoll.
Grade Eight. - Rowan McKenzie, Minnie Pippey.
Grade Seven. - Edith Mutch, Laura Driscoll, Stella Stewart.
Grade Six. - Willa McPhail, John McCarron, Wilfred Duffy.
Grade Five. - Irene Trowsdale, Helena McRae, Ralph Balderston, and Willie McCarron, equal.
Grade Four. - Alma Mason, Georgie Driscoll, Lillian Driscoll and Percy McGregor, equal.
Grade Three - Wendall Mutch, Mildred Mason, Edna Ferguson.
Grade Two - Herbert Tanton, Doris Corish, Bertha McLean.
Grade One. - Ambrose Duffy, Willard Pippey, Katie McCarron.

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