Passengers From the Carthaginian, 1910

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

Note: The following passengers arrived on P.E.I. on the S. S. Northumberland following their trip over from England to N.S. aboard the Carthaginian in May 1910.

Immigrants for PEI Arrived Last Night.

Extracted from page one article of the Daily Examiner, May 14, 1910.

The fifty immigrants from England who arrived in the city by the S. S. Northumberland last evening were accorded a hearty reception upon their arrival. The contingent included men, women and children, and ages ranged from eight months to forty years. They were met at Pictou by Hon. John Richards, Capt. Richards and ex-Mayor Paton. Different members of the party asked by Examiner representatives as to what they thought of the voyage out on the Carthaginian all gave the same reply in the one word, "Rotten!" Bad weather and fog marked the voyage which occupied two weeks, and the steamer, as already reported, was disabled while 450 miles from Glasgow as a result of one of her piston rods breaking and had to be towed back to Greenock where repairs were effected in thirty-six hours.

A bad start often makes a good ending, and thus it seemed to be in this case, for the party all seemed to be in first-rate spirits and were at one in their praise of Rev. Mr. Winfield, the Emigration Agent, the Captain and officers of the Northumberland, and all the others so solicitous on their behalf. Mr. Halloway of the party, moved a vote of thanks to all these on the way over.

Most of the party are from Devonshire and Cornwall land and are all agriculturists in fairly good circumstances.

The party includes Mr. Hambly, of Bodwin, Cornwall, with his grown up son and daughter. Mr. Hambly's wife and the remaining members of his family stay in England until the end of the season, when they will join Mr. Hambly in this province.
Mr. J. Holloway, wife and two children of Bambery, Oxfordshire, a practical farmer who comes out in the expectation of buying a farm and settling here.
Mr. Shirley, wife and son, of Bristol. - good farmer - and is here to purchase a farm.
Mr. Blyth Hurst, wife, and three children, from Newcastle-on-Tyne, is here to buy a farm. He is a man of high education and intelligence.
Mr. Evans, with his wife and four children from Somerset, and are here to settle if they like the country.
Mr. Darcy, with his wife and six children, from Tavistock, Devonshire, to purchase a farm here.
Mr. Bert Yeo, of Holesworthy, Devonshire, is a young and excellent practical farmer.
Mr. Horace Jones, also of Holesworthy, and several others, who come to purchase and make their homes in Prince Edward Island.
In addition to these are eighteen or twenty young farmers and farm laborers for whom places have already been secured in various parts of the country.

Subsequently others are coming from the Edinburgh district; several with capital to invest in farm lands. Rev. Mr. Winfield will remain here for about a month, and then will go to Scotland, where he hopes to induce some Scotch farmers to emigrate to our Island home.

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