Passengers From the S. S. Mongolian, 1910

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

Note: The following passengers arrived on P.E.I. on the S. S. Northumberland following their trip over from England to N.S. aboard the S. S. Mongolian in Oct 1910.

Examiner, October 11, 1910:

"Another Batch of Immigrants" from Yorkshire. Through the agency of Rev. J. A. Winfield, Immigratiion Officer for the province in England.

Came on the S. S. Mongolian (and Northumberland):
Mr. Richard Metcalf, wife and four boys;
Mr. Joseph Fell, son and daughter;
Mr. Dykes, wife, and two children, and maid, and another lady.
They will be stopping in Eldon and Morell until they are able to secure homes of their own.
They are" immigrants of a better class and hope to buy homes for homesteading."

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