Census Enumerators, 1911

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

The Census enumerators begin their work on Thursday, June 1st, 1911.

Daily Examiner, May 30, 1911: Census Enumerators for Queen's County:

Long River - John R. Wigmore

French River - William McKenzie

Clifton - Alfred Green

Granville - Hector F. Keir

Hope River - John McGuigan

Hazel Grove - Daniel M. McDonald

Stanchel - Malcolm Stewart

Bradalbane - Roderick McKay

Westmoreland - Jas. F. Duffy, Kelly Cross P.O.

Crapaud - Wm. D. Sherren

Melville - Chester E. Shaw

Emyvale - Philip Smith, Jr.

Bonshaw - John McFadyen, Lot 30

New Glasgow - Ambrose H. Peters

Hunter River - Edwin Crew

North Rustico - Nelson McCoubrey.

South Rustico - Ernest W. Bulman

Wheatley River - Angus McRae

North Wiltshire - Roderick McLeod

Kingston - Wm. R. Rogerson

Milton - Wendover Proud

North River - Wm. J. Howard

Nine Mile Creek - Allan Livingstone

St. Catherines - Murdock C. McKinnon

Brackley Pt Road - Charles Carter

Covehead - Edmund McMillan

Pleasant Cove - Frederick Godfrey

Little York - James A. Stewart

Bedford - Frederick Court

Tracadie - Charles F. Fisher

Mount Stewart - Benjamin Pigott

Pisquid - Aeneas McPherson

Monaghan - Edward Redmond

Fort Augustus - E. Byrne

Johnston's River - Jno. J. McCarthy

Mount Herbert - Robert P. Mutch

Southport - Samuel Young

Pownal - Wellington I. Young

Pisquid Road, Lot 49 - Felix A. Murphy

Cherry Valley - Seymour Young

Vernon River - Hayden VanIderstine

Grand View - Arch Mathieson

Caledonia - Joseph D. McLennan

Orwell Cove - Neil A. Gillis

Eldon - Daniel M. Falconer

Point Prim - Daniel McLeod

Belle River - Thos. W. Morrison

Wood Islands - Henry Compton

Ward 1 East, Charlottetown - J. W. Hodgson.

Ward 1 West, Charlottetown - James Trainor.

Ward 2 East, Charlottetown - William Howatt.

Ward 2 West, Charlottetown - Samuel Nelson.

Ward 3 East, Charlottetown - Kenneth Finlayson, Jr.

Ward 3 West, Charlottetown - Alex. Cornfoot.

Ward 4 East, Charlottetown - Ernest Rice.

Ward 4 Central, Charlottetown - George Rackham.

Ward 4 West, Charlottetown - Fred Renouf.

Ward 5 East, Charlottetown - Joseph Crabbe.

Ward 5 East, Central Charlottetown - Jno. W. Ferguson.

Ward 5 West, Central Charlottetown - George Mugford.

Ward 5 West, Charlottetown - Edward Carson.

East Royalty, Charlottetown - Norman McLeod.

West Royalty, Charlottetown - George Lightizer.

Daily Examiner, May 31, 1911: Census Enumerators for King's County.

Bothwell - William Pope

North Lake - Andrew F. Campbell

Priest Pond - Arch. N. McPhee

Red Point - Malcolm O'Hanley

Souris East - Daniel Mooney

Souris River - William B. Mullally

Souris Line Road - Joseph A. Morrison

Rollo Bay Chapel - James Scully

St. Margaret's - Joseph Currie

Head Rollo Bay - John A. White

St. Andrews - David E. McDonald

Peakes Station - Pius McDonald

Lot 39 - Bernard Connolly

Marie - John McDougall

St. Peters South - John J. McKinnon

St. Peters North - John D. Gillis

Monticello - Joseph McDonald

Baldwin's Road - Joseph McQuaid

Victoria Cross - Samuel M. McLeod

18 Mile Brook - James McEachern

Cardigan - Felix Gallant

Lorne Valley - Malcolm McDonald

Roseneath - Russel G. McLaren

Montague North - Foster B. Robertson

Dundas - John R. Campbell

Glenfanning - Duncan McLeod

Whim Road Cross - Alex McPhee

Montague South - Norman McDonald

St. Mary's Road - Peter Gormley

Glen William - D. A. McLeod

High Bank - John A. Gillis

Murray Harbor South - Perle T. Harris

Georgetown - John Condon

Red House - John A. Steele, Jr.

Woodville - John J. Campbell

Launching - Alf. G. Gardiner

Sturgeon - Chas. A. Steele

Murray Harbor North - Gavin McLure.

Island Farmer, May 3, 1911: Prince County Census Enumerators

The following have been appointed Census Enumerators for Prince County subject to their acceptance of the position:

Nail Pond, Clarence Morrisey

Tignish, Robert J. Arsenault

Peterville, Bruno Gaudet

Skinner's Pond, Prospere Bernard

Greenmount, Joseph V. Buote

St. Louis, Amable J. Poirier

Kildare, George Hardy

Miminigash, Bennett Donohue

Alberton, John T. Profit

Elmsdale, Arthur L. Rennie

Dock Road, John O'Halloran (Morris' son)

Fortune Cove, Prospere Perry

Bloomfield, Jelas Peters

Oyster Creek, John Hopgood

O'Leary, Robert C. McNaught

Cape Wolfe, Isaac Harris

Hamilton Road, Jabez McDougald

Brae, Wm. H. Beer

West Devon, John Ashton

Conway, R. C. Henderson

Ellerslie, William B. Hayes

Tyne Valley, Hugh H. McKendrick

Mt. Pleasant, Daniel Yeo

St. Gilberts, Thomas J. Arsenault

Arlington, Joseph N. McKinnon

Egmont Bay, Joseph Gallant, Road Supervisor

Cape Egmont, Lucien F. Arsenault

Fifteen Point, John F. Gallant

Wellington, John P. Arsenault

Central Lot 16, Roy E. McLean

Miscouche, James Squarebriggs

St. Eleanors, Donald McCallum

Summerside, William McMurdo, Sr., Angus McDonald (Neil's son), John Dickieson


Indian River, John Cameron

Princetown, Robert M. McGougan

Spring Valley, George Rieley (Riley?)

Travellers Rest, John J. Hall

Kensington, John W. Hogg

Freetown, Joseph Taylor

Centreville, Deinstead Callbeck

Newton, Donald E. Baker

Kinkora, Jas. J. Hughes

Searletown, Albert Wright

Cape Traverse, Job Inman

Tryon, Henry Smith.

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