Police Court Cases, 1912

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

Showing the business of the Police Court for the year ending December 31, 1912.

Daily Examiner, January 8, 1913.

Drunkenness, 215 convictions; 31 dismissals, a total of 246.
Fast driving, two convictions, two dismissals.
Corner loafing, four convictions, four dismissals.
Disorderly on the street, six convictions, seven dismissals.
Keeping disorderly house, 2 convictions, one dismissal.
Using insulting and abusive language, three convictions and two dismissals.
Non-payment of dog tax, eight convictions.
Keeping a fierce, malicious dog, one conviction, two dismissals.
Trucking without license, one conviction.
Making indecent public exposure, one conviction.
Depositing dead animals at Brighton beach, one conviction.
Riding bicycle on side walk, one conviction.
Selling fish on market square by retail, one conviction.
Offering meat for sale on market square from waggon not covered. Two dismissals.
Allowing bulldog to run at large without being muzzled, two dismissals.
Assault and battery, ten convictions, four dismissals.
Larceny, one conviction, three dismissals, One sent to Supreme Court.
Vagrancy, two convictions, one dismissal.
Breaking or entering, one dismissal. One sent to Supreme Court.
Attempt to break or enter, three sent to Supreme Court.
Obstructing a police officer, one conviction.
Obstructing a deputy sheriff, one conviction.
Refusing to obey the command of his superior officer, one conviction.
Breach of Prohibition Act, 29 convictions, 22 dismissals, a total of 51 cases.

The number of cases tried this year, clear of drunks and prohibition cases, show a decrease from last year.The convictions for drunkenness for 1911 amounted to 185, with 15 dismissals, a total of 200. Of prohibition cases there were 19 convictions and 13 dismissals, a total of 32

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