Teachers' Summer School, 1913

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

From the Daily Examiner, August 9, 1913.

Following will be found a list of the teachers who have been attending the Summer School: -

P. W. Murphy, St. Ann's, Lot 22

J. S. Hynes, Kensington

E. D. Feehan, St. Margaret's

C. L. Nelligan, Tignish

Christopher McGuigan, St. Mary's Road

P. J. McGoughan, Avondale

Ida McDonald, West St. Peters

Helen McDonald, Tracadie Cross

Laura Bain, North River

Marion Vickerson, Hermitage

Annie Gardiner, 268 Grafton St., City

D. J. Mullin, St. Peter's

P. Landrigan, 40 School St., City

J. Story Hynes, Kensington(?)

Elva Matthews, Knutsford

Leo Larkin, Ch'town

Pearl McDonald, Vernon R Bdg.

Willie J. McDonald, Souris West

Hammond Johnson, Ch'town

Louis Wynne, Ch'town

Inez Kilbride, Lot 11

Bessie McDonald, Lot 30

Lizzie McKinnon, Crapaud

C. G. McMillan, Ch'town

Annie S. McDonald, Ch'town

Annie E. McDonald, Ch'town

Sadie McCormack, Launching

Jean Murphy, Cape Traverse

Agnes C. McInnis, Souris

Nellie F. McDonald, Cherry Grove

Georgie Mathieson, Summerside

Clemmie A. Murphy, Sturgeon

Bella McPhee, Georgetown

Dennis Arsenault, Mount Carmel

P. J. Bulger, Iona Cross

Geo. Beers, Cherry Valley

John W. Beers, Brooklyn

E. S. Brown, New Glasgow

Walter Cull, Abney

G. H. Campbell, Ch'town

A. C. Cullen, W. Royalty

Allan Cole, Emerald

Gordon Cantwell, Souris

H. Christopher, N. Lake

L. J. Curran, New Perth West

Augustus Cairns, Baldwin's Road

S. A. Curran, New Perth West

E. DeRoche, Wheatley River

J. H. Devereaux, Kelly's Cross

H. Dyment, Northam

J. Donahoe, Tignish

Daniel Fraser, Whim Rd Cross

Angus Gillis, Ch'town

M. E. Francis, Ch'town

Michael Griffin, Brockton

Peter Gallant, Abram's Village

J. H. Hogan, Hope River

Blythe Hurst, Harrington

George Green, Founds Mill

Lawson Jenkins, Peru River

Baden Jelly, St. Eleanor's

S. Percy Keeping, Georgetown

Donald Lamont, St. Catherines

Louis Leonard, Cornwall

Cornelius McLean, Glenfanning

Finlay Mullaly, Souris East

Hugh McIntyre, Souris East

Malcolm Murchison, Clyde River

E. Morgan, Auburn

T. McDonald, Coleman

D. McDougall, W. Devon

N. W. Lowther, Kensington

N. McCannell, Cornwall

A. McKenney, Fredericton

D. S. McInnis, St. Peters

P. Rossiter, Morell

Malcolm Nicholson, Valleyfield W

Chas. Richards, Murray Harbor S.

Lloyd Shaw, New Perth W.

Austin O'Brien, Alma

E. Peters, New Glasgow

J. Landrigan, Charlottetown

Allen Este, Union Corner

Irene Aylward, Pleasant View

Bessie Bovyer, Ch'town

Emma Brogen, Johnston's River

May Cullen, Hope River

Mary Cassidy, Brookvale

Jennie McCallum, Brae, Lot 9

Ruth Campbell, Ch'town

Mary Coady, Emerald

Ida Cummiskey, Webster's Corner

Marjorie Campbell, Elmira

Lillian Callaghan, Ch'town

Alice Finnessy, Ch'town

Mary Cavanagh, New Haven

Laura Driscoll, Hillsboro

Ida C. Dawson, North Tryon

Ethel Duffy, Kelly's Cross

Elsie Furness, Vernon

Laura Fraser, Belmont Lot 16

Alice M. Gordon, Cardigan

Julia Graham, Breadalbane

Nellie Green, Emerald

Mary C. Gillis, Arlington

Francis Gallant, Kinkora R. R.

Sadie Gorman, South Melville

Mary Maud Gallant, Kinkora R.R

Carrie Haslam, Ch'town

Mary M. Hammill, Middleton

Patricia Hughes, Shamrock

Mary Irving, Ch'town

Lettie Passmore, Ch'town

Laura K. Scott, Ch'town

Bessie Kielly, Brookfield

Grace Messervey, 82 Fitzroy St. City

Marie MacDonald, Vernon

Marie Paoli, 2 47 Grafton St., City

Adeline Peters, Rollo Bay East

Cora Higgins, Brookvale

Mamie Trainor, 42 Rochford St, City

Ada M Trainor, Elmwood

Mary L Murtagh, Newton

Eliza A Wilson, Cardigan Bridge

Bertha J Trainor, Elmwood

Ella Leonard, Cornwall

Agnes J Trainor, Elmwood Brae

Gertrude E. Pineau, St Andrew's

Gertrude Higgins, Brookvale

Margaret McEachern, Charnwood

Edith Murley, Murray Harbor

Lilla Milligan, Summerside

Annie Matheson, S'side

Edith McIntyre, Mill Cove

Bertha Mcinnis, Cherry Valley

Annie MacKenzie, Scotchfort

Iona MacEachern, West Cape

Jeanette McLeod, Bradalbane

Minnie Mellish, Montague

Jacqueline Macdonald, Ch'town

Florence McPherson, Brookfield

Augusta McPherson, Brookfield

Molly Mullaly, Souris East

Adeline B. Mabey, Gladstone

Mary Roberts, Bedeque

Alice M. Wyinn,(?) Ch'town

Stella M. Welsh, Ch'town

Frances Matheson, Dundas

Alice Moorow (?) Sailor's Hope

Jennie Norton, Annandale

Gladeys(?) Townshend, Ch'town

J. A. MacPherson, Ch'town

Elizabeth MacKinnon, Ch'town

A. A. Wadman, Ch'town

L. J. Taylor, Ch'town

Lottie Newsom, Crapaud

Jennie Matheson, Oyster Bed Bridge

Mable McLeod, New Glasgow

Alma Yeo, Ch'town

Winnifred McLeod, New Glasgow

Edna E. Wares, Wheatley River

Annie Norton, Ch'town

Ethel Taylor, Ch'town

Florence Stewart, High Bank

Myrtle Ross, Ch'town

Florence Vickerson, Hermitage

Bernice Norton, Ch'town

Jean MacFadyen, Augustine Cove

Helen McGowan, Charlottetown.



In 1932, after graduating from McGill University, John Story Hynes (listed above) of Kensington, was a physician in Claresholm, Alberta. He became a radiologist and practised in Fredericton NB, and in Penticton, BC. He is buried in Calgary, Alberta.

Bernice Norton was Dave Hunter's grandmother - she married Wilfred Thorp Beaty on Dec. 10th, 1922, and moved to Huntsville, Ontario.

Stella Walsh was a teacher at Queen Square School in the 1950s. [info from Andy Hennessey]

Does anyone know others on this list?

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