Vernon River Health Board, 1913

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

From the Daily Examiner, March 4, 1913


His Honor the Lieutenant-Governor-in-Council has been please to reconstruct the Vernon River Board of Health, comprising Townships Numbers 49 and 50 as follows:

George Forbes, Chairman, Vernon River Bridge.

John J. McGilvary, Vernon River Bridge,
J. T. Collings, M. D., Vernon River,
Hayden Van Iderstine, Vernon River,
Francis Mutch, Earnscliffe, Lot 50,
George F. McMillan, Alberry Plains,
Samuel McLeod, (Uigg,) Kinross.
John Acorn, Millview,
Wallace Smith, Pownal, Lot 49.
Joseph Haley, Pownal, Lot 49.
Felix Murphy, Avondale, Lot 49.

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