Methodist Ministers from Prince Edward Island

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

Ministers from P. E. Island
From the Island Farmer, August 28, 1918.

A list of the men who have entered the Methodist ministry from Prince Edward Island, a roll of 61 names, has been furnished the Wesleyan by Mr Henry Smith of Charlottetown. This is certainly a splendid record.

The names and dates are as follows:-
1818, A. C. Avard
1822, Albert DesBrisay
1841, J. R. Narraway
1851, F. W. Moore
1852, A. M. DesBrisay
1853, Robert Wilson
1856, G. Butcher
1857, R. Johnson, M. D. and Wm. Perkin
1861, S. B. Martin, C. Ladner and E. Slackford
1862, W. W. Percival, and W. H. Heartz
1863, D. W. LeLecheur
1864, Rev. Albert S. DesBrisay, E. B. Moore and E. Mills
1865, A. E. Lepage
1866, Thos. Rogers and Joe Seller
1869, R. Brecken
1870, W. Dobson
1874, B. Chappell
1875, S. E. Colwell
1877, D. Hickey, P. Robinson and W. B. Thomas
1878, J. L Dawson and A. C. Bell
1879, D. D. Moore
1880, T. Pierce
1881, S. Howard
1883, R. J. W. Clements
1884, N. McLaughlin
1886, F. Frizzle
1887, A. C. Dennis and A. D. McLeod
1888, W. J. Howard and J. B. Gough
1889, J S. Gregg
1891, E. Ramsay, G. A. Seller and W. A. Thompson
1893, J. Champion, J. A. Ives, J. Distant and H. Pierce
1894, H. B. Balderston and L. J. Leard
1895, G. A. Ross
1896, D. R. Chowen and R. J. Campbell
1897, J. Heaney
1898, Hammond Johnson
1902, G. Ayers
1903, G. Morris
1904, E. S. Weeks
1908, F. T. Bertram
1909, B. W. Turner
1912, G. T. Metherall

It will be noted that more than enough of these men are still in active service to supply all of the circuits on the Island so that it has raised enough ministers to man all its pulpits and some to spare to New Brunswick, the other portion of the conference of which it forms a part. It may be doubted if any other province in the Dominion has raised enough ministers to supply its pulpits.

It is also noted, however, that whilst, for the last forty years of the record, the Island supplied an average of one recruit for the ministry for every year, for the past six years it has not furnished any candidates.

Had all the other provinces of the Maritime Provinces, Newfoundland and Bermuda done as well for the ministry as Prince Edward Island there would have been no need of importing young men to supply our pulpits.

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