Standings, Knutsford School and Easter Concert, 1923

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

From The Island Farmer, April 11, 1923.

Following is the standing of the Knutsford School, Lot 8, for the month of March:

Principal's Dept, Grade IX - 1. Edith Taylor; 2, Helen Smallman; 3. Dora MacKenzie; 4, Willis MacAulay; 5. Sadie MacKenzie.

Grade VI - 1. Bessie MacKendie (MacKenzie?); 2. Margaret Smallman; 3. Ralph Rayner; 4., Edgar Smallman; 5. Roy MacDowell.

Grade V - 1. Winnie Silliker; 2. Pearle England; 3. George Harris;

Grade IV - 1. Jennie Ramsay; 2. Leigh Morell; 3. Albert Ramsay; 4. Leslie Morell and John England, equal.

Grade III - 1. Albina Harris; 2. Eilene Harris; 3. Ruth Thomas; 4. Mildred Thomas.

Grade II - 1. Albert Gay; 2. Harry Haywood; 3. Jennie Haywood; 4. Mae Harris.

Grade I - 1. Willena Harris; 2. Eva Ramsay; 3. Mary Harris; 4. Wilbert Dennis; 5. Melvin Harris; 6. James Silliker.

Perfect Attendance - Willis MacAulay, Ralph Rayner, Margaret Smallman, Albert Ramsay, Mary Harris.

From The Island Farmer April 11, 1923

A very successful Easter Concert was held in the Knutsford Baptist Church on Easter Monday night, April 2, 1923, and was attended by a large and appreciative
audience. The church was tastefully decorated with lilies and peonies and a beautiful white cross with the inscription "Christ is Risen" in silver letters. Much praise is due to Miss Etta Mae Harris who presided at the organ and others who assisted. Mr. Edward Lidstone acted as chairman. Both the young people and the children participated in the program and did their parts creditably; especially the children, who charmed the hearts of all with their recitations and sweet little voices. Mrs Wm J Harris who trained the children, is deserving of many thanks and to her much credit is due.

The program was a follows:
Welcome: Mae Harris;
Opening Chorus;
Scripture Reading, Robt. Harris;
Prayer, Miss Annie Lidstone;
Exercise "Easter Buds" by the children;
Recitation, Iva Adams;
Recitation Erle Jelly;
Duet, Bessie McKenzie and Robert Harris;
Recitation, Eva Ramsay;
Recitation, Margaret Smallman;
Motion song, by children;
Recitation, Harold Harris;
Recitation, Westman Harris;
Duet, Mrs. W. Silliker and Allie Harris;
Evening offering;
Drama, "Christ is Risen," Mrs. Avard Harris, Mrs. Arthur Harris, Misses Sadie and Ruby Moreshead;
Recitation, Alice Morell;
Duet, Mrs. Arthur Harris and Bertie Harris;
Recitation, George Adams;
Duet, Misses Annie Harris and Dora MacKenzie;
Recitation, Albert Ramsay;
Song, by children;
Exercise, three girls;
Exercise, by intermediate girls;
Recitation, Willard Harris;
Song, by children;
Closing Chorus.

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