Hutchinson's Prince Edward Island Directory, 1864 - Appendix

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From the library of Donna Collings - Published 1864, Charlottetown, P.E.I. Thank you Donna for the use of your wonderful resources.


The Royal Family

The Queen

Victoria, Queen of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland; only daughter of His late Royal Highness, Edward Duke of Kent, and Victoria, late Duchess of Kent, daughter of Francis, Duke of Saxe Coburg; born the 25th May, 1819; succeeded to the Throne on the decease of her Uncle, William IV., June 20th 1837; Proclaimed June 21st, 1837; Crowned June 28th 1838,; Married February 10th, 1840, to Field Marshall His Royal Highness Prince Albert Augustus Charles Emanuel Prince of Saxe Coburg and Gotha, Knight of the Most Noble Order of the Garter, &c, &c, &c, who died in Windsor Castle December 14th, 1861.

Issue: - Victoria Adelaide Mary Louisa (Princess Royal), born November 21st, 1840, married January 25th, 1858, H.R.H., Frederick William, Prince of Prussia; Albert Edward (Prince of Wales) born November 9th, 1841, married 10th March, 1863; Alice Maud Mary, born April 25th, 1843, married July 1st, 1862, H.R.H. Prince Louis of Hesse; Alfred Ernest Albert, born August 6th, 1844; Helena Augusta Victoria, born May 25th, 1846; Louise Caroline Alberta, born March 18th, 1848; Arthur William Patrick, born May 1st, 1850; Leopold George Duncan Albert, born April 7th, 1853; Beatrice Mary Victoria Feodore, born April 14th, 1857.

The Queen's Cousins: - George V., King of Hanover, born May 27th, 1819; George, Duke of Cambridge, born March 26th, 1819; Princess Augusta (Duchess of Mecklenburg Streitz), born July 19th, 1822; Mary Adelaide Wilhelmina Elizabeth, born November 27th, 1833.

Provincial Government of Prince Edward Island

Seat of Government - Charlottetown

His Excellency George Dundas, Esq.,

Lieutenant - Governor and Commander - in - Chief, in and over Her

Majesty's Island Prince Edward, and its Dependancies; Chancel -

lor, Vice Admiral, and Ordinary of the same, &c., &c., &c.

Executive Council

Hon John Hamilton Grey, President.

Hon. Edward Palmer Hon. David Kaye
Hon. James Yeo Hon. James McLaren
Hon. John Longworth Hon Daniel Davies
Hon. James C. Pope Hon William Henry Pope

Clerk: Charles Desbrisay, Esq.

Assistant Clerk: Donald Currie, Esq.

Legislative Council

Hon. Donald Montgomery, President

Queen's County

Charlottetown and Royalty - Hon. Edward Palmer

First District - Hons. Donald Montgomery and Kenneth Henderson

Second District - Hons. George Beer and John Goff

King's County

First District - Hons. Patrick Walker and Joseph Dingwall

Second District - Hons. James McLaren and Andrew A. McDonald

Prince County

First District - Hons. James Yeo and W. Warren Lord

Second District - Hons. Alexander Anderson & Donald Ramsay

Clerk - James Barrett Cooper, Esq.

Chaplain - Rev. David Fitzgerald

Usher of the Black Rod and Sergeant at Arms - Robert Hyndman, Esq.

Messenger - William O. Trowan

Doorkeeper - John Scott

House of Assembly

Hon. T. Heath Haviland, Speaker

Queen's County

Charlottetown - Frederick de St. Croix Brecken and Hon. Daniel Davies

First District - Donald Montgomery and William Haslam

Second District - Hons. John Longworth and Alexander Laird

Third District - Hons. George Coles and Francis Kelly

Fourth District - Hons. John Hamilton Gray and William H. Pope

King's County

Georgetown - Hons. T. Heath Haviland and Roderick McAulay

First District - Hons. Joseph Hensley and Donald Beaton

Second District - Hon. Edward Whelan, John Sutherland

Third District - Hon. Edward Thornton, Ronald Walker

Fourth District - Hon. David Kaye, James Duncan

Prince County

First District - Nicholas Conroy and George Howlan

Second District - David Ramsay and John Yeo

Third District - Hon. James Warburton, George Sinclair

Fourth District - Hon. James O. Pope, Cornelius Howatt

Fifth District - Colonel McLennan and Daniel Green

Chief Clerk - John McNeill, Esq.

Assistant Clerk - Mr. William McLean

Chaplain - Rev. George Sutherland

Sergeant - at - Arms - Albert H. Yates, Esq.

Messenger - Mr. Angus McKinnon

Doorkeeper - Mr. William Birch

Assistant Doorkeeper - Mr. John Passmore

Principal Public Officers

Colonial Secretary - Hon. William H. Pope

Colonial Treasurer - George Wright, Esq.

Attorney - General - Hon. Edward Palmer

Comptroller of Customs - Hon. Francis Longworth

Commissioner of Crown Lands and Surveyor - General - Hon. John Aldous

Registrar of Deeds & Keeper of Plans - Robert Crawford, Esq.

Postmaster - General - Lemuel C. Owen, Esq.

Queen's Printer - John Ings, Esq.

Road Correspondent - John W. Morrison, Esq.

Assistant Treasurer - John Robins, Esq.

Assistant Comptroller of Customs - John S. Bremner, Esq.

Inspectors of Public Schools - John Arbuckle, Esq., A. M., Charlottetown; William H. Buckerfield, Alberton

Surveyor of Shipping - Hon. G. R. Goodman

Auditors of Public Accounts - James Anderson and Henry Haszard, Esqs.

Superintendent of Public Works - Thomas Alley

Adjutant - General of Militia - Lieut. - Col. P. D. Stewart

Provincial Aides - de - Camp - Hon. John Longworth and Capt. R. R. Hodgson

Private Secretary - George D. Atkinson, Esq.

Paymaster of Pensioners - John Robins, Esq.

Consular Agent, Charlottetown

J. H. Sherman, Esq., Consular Agent for the United States

Corporation of Charlottetown

Established 1855

Mayor - Hon. Thomas H. Haviland

Recorder - John Lawson, Esq.


Ward No. 2 - James Reddin and John H. Gates

Ward No. 3 - John Brecken and James DesBrisay

Ward No. 4 - William E. Dawson and John Scott

Ward No. 5 - Theophilus DesBrisay and George Davies

Officers of the Corporation

Treasurer - Benjamin DesBrisay

City Clerk - Peter MacGowan

Assessors - Wm. R. Watson, Morin Lowden, and Owen Connolly

Auditors - J. S. Carvell and Andrew Mitchell

Wharfinger, Harbor Master & City Surveyor - Silas Bernard

Collector - John Lockhart

Assayer - John P. Tanton

Pound Keepers - Nicholas Harvie and Isaac Knight

Coal Meter - Michael O'Hara

Inspector of Bread - W. B. Davidson

Market Clerk - George Lewis

City Crier - John Hatch

Police Department

Chief - Angus McLeod

Policemen - Francis McCabe, Hezekiah H. Pollard, Thomas Brennan, Thomas Robison, James Richards

Fire Department

Chief Engineer - William Heard

Ward No. 1 - Wm. R. Watson, John Ings, Wm. Wright

Ward No. 2 - Thomas Alley, Donald McIsaac, Wm. McGill

Ward No. 3 - William Dodd, George Douglas, James M'Nally

Ward No. 4 - Hon. George Beer, John Brecken, Adam Murray

Ward No. 5 - George Douglas (Kent St.), Edward Neidham, William Boyle

Mayor's Court

This Court, established for the purpose of adjudicating in cases of Small Debts, is composed of His Worship the Mayor, with two councillors, or, in the Mayor's absence, three councillors. Its sittings are held in the City Hall, on the first Friday of each month, with power to adjourn to the following day. The last day of issuing Summonses for the monthly sittings is the Wednesday week previous to the said first Friday. The new act gives immediate jurisdiction to the extent of 20 pounds.


Queen's County

Charlottetown - Daniel Hodgson and John McNeill

Orwell - John McDougall

New London - James Pidgeon

Lot 49 - John R. Bourke

Belfast - Alexander McLean

King's County

Georgetown - David Kaye

Bay Fortune - Henry Williams

Murray Harbour - George Harris

Prince County

St. Eleanor's - Thomas Hunt

Bedeque - Hon. John Wright

Princetown - Peter McNutt

Nail Pond - Fidelle J. Gaudet

Tignish - William Hubbard

Health Officers

Charlottetown - Henry A. Johnson

Bedeque - A. Vaughan

Three Rivers - David Kaye

Cascumpec - [blank]

Souris - Ephriam B. Muttart

Superintendents in Vaccination

Charlottetown - Henry A. Johnson

Georgetown - David Kaye

Summerside - Henry F. Jarvis

Post Office Department

Post Offices in Prince Edward Island, with Postmaster's names, and times of mails leaving Charlottetown.

Lemuel C. Owen, Esq., Postmaster - General, Charlottetown

Peter DesBrisay, Assistant

Wellington H. Faught, Additional Assistant.

Western Mails

Monday and Thursday, at 8 A. M.

Barrett's Cross William Glover
Cascumpeque Benjamin Rogers
Cavendish Sarah McNeill
French River Jane McKay
Hope River Robert Simpson
Indian River Donald McLellan
Kildare Bridge Thomas Hockin
Kildare John Wade
Lot 6 Thomas Hapgood
Lot 11 John Dignan
Lot 12 John Wallace
Lot 14 `John O'Connors
Lot 16 Donald Campbell
New Glasgow Andrew Nisbet
New London (Campbellton) Duncan McIntyre
North Rustico George Budd
Park Corner Charles Doyle
Port Hill John Hapgood
Princetown Neil MacKay
Princetown Road John Rattenbury
Quagmire A. H. Allan
Rustico John Fairclough
St. Eleanors Alexander E. Holland
Mount Pleasant (Lot 12) Benjamin Murray
New Wiltshire Mrs. Edwards
Springfield (Lot 67) Harriett Palmer
Summerside Thomas Crabbe
Tignish Robert Bellin
Traveller's Rest John Townsend
Wheatley River James Power

Monday, at 8 A.M.

Anderson's Road Jacob Schurman
Brackley Point James G. McCallum
Covehead David Lawson
Covehead Road Thomas McGrath
Egmont Bay Syl. Arsenault
Fifteen Point William Hibbits
Freetown Robert Auld
Graham's Road E. Brenan
Lot 67 John MacKay

Thursday, at 8 A.M.

Lot 7 S. M. Beckwith
Miminegash Richard Costin
West Cape James Kinley
Western Road James McNaught

Tuesday And Friday, at 8 A.M.

Augustine Cove Jos. Stagman
Bedeque William Wilson
Bonshaw Donald McNevin
Cape Traverse Isaac Clark
Crapaud George Wiggington
Cornwall William Pethic
DeSable M. S. Holm
North Bedeque Henry Clark
Searletown William Allan
Tryon William Leard

On Tuesday, at 9 A.M.

Long Creek John McEwen

Eastern Mails

Monday and Thursday, at 7 P.M.

Bay Fortune Valentine Needham
Fort Augustus Francis Kelly
Head Gr. River (East) G. Wise
Lot 35 William Small
Rollo Bay James Davidson
St. Peters William Sterns
Lot 47 Joseph McVean
Lot 56 William Norton
Mount Pleasant (Hillsborough) James Ross
St. Peters Bay John Sutherland
Souris Robert Boswell
Farmington George Robinson

Thursday, at 7 P.M.

Red Point Samuel MacDonald

Monday, at 7 P.M.

Fairfield Patrick Kavanah
Goose River Michael McDonald
Lot 45 Herman McDonald
St. Margarets James McCormick

Southern Mails

Tuesday and Friday, at 8 A.M.

Belfast Donald Fraser
Cherry Valley Angus McLellan
Flat River Kenneth Morrison
Georgetown Andrew W. LeBroq
Little Sands Angus Blue
Lot 49 James J. Gay
Montague William McLaren
Lot 64 (Murray River) Thomas Lowe
Monaghan James Wisner
Murray Harbour Road Angus Gillis
Murray Harbour (South) C. Brehaut
New Perth James Finlay
Orwell Donald McLeod
Southport Henry Beer
Vernon River John Adams
Wood Islands John Kennedy
Cardigan W. Alley

Friday, at 8 A.M.

Murray Harbour (North) J. Dalziel
Sturgeon Duncan Fraser

The Inland mails are due as follows: - Western, via Great Western Road, every Tuesday and Friday evening; do. Via Tryon, every Wednesday and Saturday evening. Southern mails (Georgetown, &c.), every Wednesday and Saturday. Eastern (St. Peters, Souris, &c.), every Wednesday and Saturday.

The mails for the United States and the neighboring Provinces are made up twice a week, and despatched by steamer to Pictou, N.S., and Shediac, N.B., during the summer months; and by the ice - boat from Cape Traverse to Cape Tormentine, thrice a week, during the winter. To the United Kingdom once a fortnight during the summer, and twice every alternate week during the winter.

To Newfoundland twice every second week throughout the year, and to Bermuda and West Indies once a fortnight.

Rates of Postage

For Letters: - Half-ounce, one rate; one ounce, two rates. Half-ounces are not reckoned on any letter going by British packets after its weight reaches an ounce, but each ounce is recognized as two rates.

To any place within the Island, 2d. Per rate must be prepaid, or 4d. Paid by receiver.

Nova Scotia, 3d. Must be prepaid; or 6d. Paid by receiver; New Brunswick and Canada, 3d.

Bermuda, Newfoundland, and British West Indies, 9d. - 3d. Of which must be prepaid.

United States, 6d. The rate.

United Kingdom, 9d. Per rate must be prepaid, or 6d. Fined, if unpaid.

New Zealand, Australia, or India, 1s 4 ½ d. must be prepaid.

California and Oregon, 9d.

For Printed Matter.

Books: To and from the United Kingdom - under 4 oz. 4 ½ d.; 8 oz., 9d.; 1 lb., 1s 6d.; and 9d. For each additional 8 ozs. To the Colonies, over 2 oz., one halfpenny per oz.

Advertisements:, &c., 1d. Per oz.

Newspapers for Newfoundland, Bermuda, West Indies, and foreign countries, 1d. Stg. Each must be prepaid; for Australia, India, 2d. Stg. each must be prepaid.

Parcels, the weight of which shall not exceed 3 lbs. Not 1 foot in length, can be sent in the mail; under 1 lb., 1s. 3d.; 2 lbs., 2s. 6d.; 3 lb., 3s. 9d. - must be prepaid in stamps, and have the words "By Parcel Post" plainly written on it. No letters shall be enclosed. Can be registered on prepayment of 3d. Additional by stamps; if name and address of sender be written on the parcel, should it fail delivery, it will be returned to sender unopened.


Court of Chancery

Chancellor, His Excellency, the Lieutenant Governor

Master of the Rolls, Hon. James H. Peters

Masters and Examiners, William Forgan, John Longworth, and T. Heath Haviland

Registrar, Charles DesBrisay

Counselors and Solicitors, The Barristers and Attorneys of the Supreme Court

Crier and Tipstaff, John McKinnon

Terms of Court - Hilary Term commences on the first Tuesday in February, and ends the Saturday next ensuing. Trinity Term commences on the last Tuesday in May, and ends the Saturday following. Michaelmas Term commences on the third Tuesday in November, and ends on the Saturday following.

Instance Court of Vice Admiralty

Judge of Commissary, Hon. Robert Hodgson

Advocate General, Hon. Edward Palmer

Registrar, Charles DesBrisay, Esq.

Marshall, Robert Hyndman, Esq.

Crier and Doorkeeper, Mr. John McKinnon

Court of Marriage and Divorce

President, His Excellency the Lieutenant Governor

Members, The Hon. Her Majesty's Executive Council

Solicitors and Proctors, The Attorneys of the Supreme Court

Court of Probate of Wills and Granting Letters of Administration

Hon. Charles Young, LL.D., Surrogate

Proctors and Advocates, The Attorneys and Solicitors of the Supreme Court

Supreme Court

Chief Justice, Hon. Robert Hodgson

Assistant Judge, Hon. James H. Peters

Puisne Judge, John Barrow, Esq.

Attorney-General, Hon. Edward Palmer

Queen's Council, Hon. Charles Young, LL.D., Hon William Forgan, John Lawson, Esq., Hon. Edward Palmer, Hon. Joseph Hensley, and Hon. John Longworth.

Clerk of the Crown and Prothonotary, Daniel Hodgson

Deputy for Queen's County, John Low

Deputy of King's County, William Sanderson

Deputy for Prince County, William Sanderson

Sheriff of Queen's County, John C. Burns

Sheriff of King's County, William Beairsto

Sheriff of Prince County, Daniel Gordon

Terms of the Supreme Court

Queen's County - Hilary Term commences on the first Tuesday in January, and continues fourteen days. Easter Term commences on the first Tuesday in May, and continues seven days. Trinity Term commences on the last Tuesday in June, and continues fourteen days. Michaelmas Term continues on the last Tuesday in October, and continues seven days.

King's County - At Georgetown on the second Tuesday in March, and the third Tuesday in July, and continues for seven days.

Prince County- At St. Eleanors, on the first Tuesday in June, and the first Tuesday in October, and continues for seven days.

Commissioners for Affidavits in the Supreme Court


Robert Hutchinson

T. Des Brisay

Daniel Hodgson

John McNeill

John Low

Allan McDougall - Montague

Nicholas Conroy - Tignish

Jeremiah Simpson - Cavendish

John Wright - Bedeque

Edward Thornton - Three Rivers

Peter McCallum and J. Jardine - St. Peters

Benjamin Beairsto - Princetown

William Sanderson - Georgetown

John C. Simms - New London

John Frost - Lot 56

William W. Irving - Bonshaw

Cornelius Howatt - Tryon

Cornelius Higgins - Covehead

John R. Bourke - Lot 49

Thomas Hunt - St. Eleanors

John Macgowan - Souris

Francis Kelly - Fort Augustus

James Kinley - Lot 7

William Beairsto - Lot 17

John Woodman - Cascumpec

Donald McLeod - Lot 57

Commissioners for Issuing Treasury Notes

Daniel Hodgson

Theophilus Des Brisay

Henry Haszard

Commissioners under the Insolvent Debtors Act

Queen's County - George F. C. Lowden

King's County - William Sanderson

Finlay McNeill, Daniel Gordon, and David Kaye

Prince County - Stephen Wright

Thomas Hunt, Joseph Bell, James C. Pope, and George Jones

Commissioners for Prison Discipline, and for adding Hard Labor to the

Sentence of Imprisonment

Queen's County - Thomas Pethic,

Peter Macgowan, John Trenaman, Robert Hutchinson, James Anderson

King's County - Edward Thornton,

William B. Aitken, William Sanderson, Andrew A. MacDonald, and George Poole

Prince County - Archibald Campbell,

Thomas Hunt, and Hugh Carr

Commissioners for Small Debts

Queen's County

Charlottetown - First Monday and Tuesday in each month

Thomas Pethic, Neil Rankin, George Beer, John Morris, Thomas W. Dodd.

Clerk - Theophilus Des Brisay

New Glasgow - Second Tuesday

Charles Gregor, William Bagnall, William Brown

Clerk - John Darrach

New London - First Wednesday

William Cousins, Duncan McIntyre, George MacKay

Clerk - Archibald McKinnon

Stanhope - Second Tuesday

John Shaw, William Auld, Charles Higgins

Clerk - John Leitch

Lots 48, 49, and 50 - First Thursday

John Roach Bourke, Alexander McRae, Thomas Beers

Clerk - Thomas Sheidow

Belfast - Second Tuesday

Alexander McLean, Donald McLeod, Daniel Fraser

Clerk - William McLean

Wood Island

Duncan Munn, Wellington Compon [sic], Thomas H. Munn

[No Clerk Given]

Crapaud - Second Thursday

William Inman, John Currie, William Rogerson

Clerk - Murdoch Holm

King's County

Georgetown - First Tuesday

Hon. John Goff, Finlay McNeill, James McFarlane

Clerk - Roderick Munro

East Point - First Thursday

James McDonald - Kingsborough, James McVean, Angus Fisher

Clerk - Duncan Robertson

Souris - First Wednesday

Alexander Leslie, Charles McEachern, William Stainforth MacGowan

Clerk - Robert Boswell

Bay Fortune - Second Thursday

John Frost, Laughlan Mathewson - Dundas, Roderick McIntyre - Cow River Lot 48.

Clerk - William Norton

St. Peters - Second Tuesday

John Jardine, Peter McCallum, J. B. Cox

Clerk - Edmund Jardine

Murray Harbor - Second Tuesday

Vere Beck, senior, Henry Brehaut, Robert Whiteway

Clerk - David Creighton

Prince County

Cascumpec - First Wednesday

James Forsythe, William Haywood, Benjamin Rogers

[No Clerk Given]

Princetown Royalty - First Thursday

Hon. Donald Ramsay, James Henderson, Peter MacNutt

Clerk - Neil MacKay

Township 13 - Second Thursday

Humphrey McLaren, Murdoch McKinnon, jr., Arch. McIntosh

Clerk - D. C. Ramsay

St. Eleanors - Second Wednesday

Harry Compton Green, James Campbell, William Beairsto

Clerk - Thomas Hunt

Bedeque - Second Wednesday

Hon. Alexander Anderson, Stephen Wright, Philip Baker

Clerk - M. Wright

Tryon - First Tuesday

Robert Muirhead, Thomas Ives, John Bell

Clerk - ___ Craig

Nail Pond - Third Tuesday

Hon. Stanislaus F. Perry, William Hubbard, Richard Dawson

Clerk - John D. Hubbard

Deputies for Granting Heplevins [?]

Queen's County - Duncan McIntyre - Campbelton, Daniel Fraser - Eldon, Belfast

King's County - Andrew Miller - Murray Harbor, W. B. Aitken - Georgetown, Donald McDonald - St. Margaret's, Murdoch Murray - St. Peter's Bay

Prince County - Robert Munhead - Tryon, Benjamin Rogers - Cascumpec

Commissioners for Taking Recognizance for Bail

Nicholas Conroy - Tignish; Joseph Murphy - Lot 11; John Woodman - Cascumpec; James Kinley - Lot 7; William Beairsto - Lot 17; John Townsend - Lot 19; Richard Hudson - Tryon, Thomas Hunt - St. Eleanor's; Allan McDougald - Montague, John R. Bourke - Lot 49, Francis Kelly - Lot 36; Charles Gregor - Brackley Point; George Bagnall - Lot 23; Donald Palmer - Crapaud; Peter McCallum - St. Peter's Bay; John Frost - Lot 56; James McLaren - Lot 52; Philip Beers - Montague; Donald McKinnon - Lot 55; Edward Thornton - Three Rivers; and John Goff - Lot 53.

Commissioners for Taking Acknowledgement Deeds

Queen's County - Donald McLeod - Orwell, James Pidgeon - New London

King's County - Edward Thornton - Georgetown, John Jardine - St. Peter's, John MacGowan - Souris, John Dalzeil - Murray Harbour

Prince County - Thomas Hunt - St. Eleanors, Dougald S. MacNutt - Princetown, John Lord - Tryon, Alexander McDonald - Augustin Cove, Stanislaus F. Perry - Tignish, Colin McLennan - Summerside, John B. Schurman, Bedeque.

Commissioners of Highways

Prince County

Benjamin Haywood - District No. 1 - comprising Lots 1, 2, and 3.

James Gordon - District No. 2 - Lots 4, 5, and 6.

Michael Dalton - District No. 3 - Lots 7, 8, and 9.

Joseph Murphy - District No. 4 - Lots 10, 11, and 12.

Donald Campbell - District No. 5 - Lots 10, 14 and 15.

John Townsend - District No. 6 - Lots. 17 and 19, and the Line Road between 19 and 25.

George Mountain - District No. 7 - Lot 17 and Princetown Royalty.

William Taylor - District No. 8 - Lots 25 and 26.

Jacob Gouldroup - District No. 9 - Lots 27 and 28.

Lawrence Yeo - District No. 10 - Lots 13 and 14.

William Beairsto - District No. 11 - Summerside.

Queen's County

Arch. McKinnon - District No. 1 - Lots 20 & 21.

Edwin Bagnall - District No. 2 - Lots 22 and 67.

Christopher C. Proudfoot - District No. 3 - Lot 23 and 24.

John McMillan - District No. 4 - Lots 33 and 34.

Archibald C. McNeil - District No. 5 - Lots 20, 30, and 65.

John McPhey - District No. 6 - Lots 31 and 32.

John Scott McLeod - District No. 7 - those portions of Lots 35. 36 and 37, on the South side of the Hillsborough.

Nichol Jenkins - District No. 9 - Lots 49 and 50.

Donald McLeod - District No. 10 - Lots 57 and 58.

Hector Morrison - District No. 11 - Lots 90 [???] and 62.

Alfred LePage - District No. 12.

Hector McLean - District No. 13.

[No District 8 Listed]

King's County

William Hooper - District No. 1 - Lots 38, 39, and 40, West of Morell River.

Peter McCallum - District No. 2 - Lots 41, 40, and 39, East of Morell River, and St. Peter's Harbor Mouth, and Morell River Bridge.

Roderick McIntyre - District No. 3 - Lots 42 and 43, including Division Line Road between Lots 43 and 44.

John MacGowan - District No. 4 - Lots 44 and 45.

Samuel MacDonald - District No. 5 - Lots 46 and 47.

William Conahan - Lots 56, 55 - North of Grand River, and Grand River Bridge.

John Crawford - District No. 7 - Lot 55, South of Grand River, Lot 53, North of Cardigan River, and Lot 54.

John Hamilton - District No. 8.

Alexander Campbell - District No. 9 - Lots 59 and 61 Montague Bridge.

Henry Brehaut - District No. 10 - Lots 63 and 64.

Alexander Robertson - District 11 - that part of Lot 53 being south of Cardigan and North of Brudenell Rivers including Georgetown Royalty and Common, and reserved lands adjoining Royalty.

The Magistracy

Justices of the Peace Throughout the Island.

Hon. Robert Hodgson, Chief Justice

Hon. James Horsfield Peters, Assistant Judge

John Barrow, Esq., Puisne Judge

Hons. John Hamilton Grey, Edward Palmer, James Yeo, John Longworth,

James C. Pope, David Kaye, James MacLaren, Daniel Davis, William Henry Pope.

Daniel Hodgson, Esq., Clerk of the Crown

Robert Bruce Stewart.

Justices of the Peace for Queen's County

T. H. Haviland. Charlottetown

Charles Young, Charlottetown

William Macneil, Cavendish

William Cundall, Charlottetown

G. R. Goodman, Charlottetown

Charles Braddock, St. Cuthbert's

Peter Emery, Wood Islands

John C. Simms, New London

Ralph Brecken, Charlottetown

John R. Bourke, Lot 49

W. Swaby

Bentinck [sic?] H., Cumberland

James D. Haszard, Charlottetown

W. W. Irving, Charlottetown

Francis Longworth, Charlottetown

Daniel Brennan, Charlottetown

T. B. Tremain, Charlottetown

W. Swaby, Jr., Mount Stewart

William Haslem, Lot 67

George M'Kay, New London

Donald Palmer, Crapaud

James B. Cooper, Charlottetown

Theo. DesBrisay, Charlottetown

W. W. Lord, Charlottetown

George Birnie, Charlottetown

John Morris, Charlottetown

James Pidgeon, New London

Thomas Pethick, Charlottetown

Francis Kelly, Ft. Augustus

Robert Hutchinson, Charlottetown

William Douse, Charlottetown

Samuel Nelson, Charlottetown

Henry Haszard, Charlottetown

Patrick Walker, Charlottetown

William Bagnall, Lot 22

J. Robertson, Lot 34, St. Peters Road

John M'Dougald, Orwell

Peter M'Gowan, Charlottetown

John Picton Beete, Charlottetown

James Millar, Sr., Lot 34

George Bagnall, New Glasgow

Joseph Ball, Charlottetown

Alexander Smith, Lot 49

John Farquharson, Lot 48

Robert Hyndman, Charlottetown

Frederick W. Hales, Charlottetown

John Trenaman, Charlottetown

John M'Gill, Charlottetown

Donald M'Isaac, Charlottetown

W. H. Hyde, West River

Charles Gregor, Brackley Point

Wm. R. Watson, Charlottetown

David Irving, Cherry Valley

Donald Lamont, West River

Donald Munro, Belfast

Duncan M'Intyre, New London

James M'Kie, New London

Francis M'Quade, Lot 35

James Warren, North River

Peter Robertson, Lot 48

John M'Donald (Allan's son), Lot 35

John Nicholson Jr., Belfast

Alexander Dixon, Pinette

Donald McLeod, Orwell

Samuel Murchison, Belfast

Angus McAuley, Tracadie

Benjamin Davis, Charlottetown

Philip Lane, Lot 49

Alexander Martin, Lot 67

Alexander McLean, Pinette

Henry J. Callbeck, Charlottetown

Alexander Robertson, Bonshaw

Charles M'Donald, Orwell

John M'Millan (Allan's son)

Alexander Martin Jr., Orwell

David Mutch, Rustico

Alexander McIsaac, Wood Islands

Ewen Lamont, Murray Harbour Road

John M'Millan (Teacher), Woodville

George Lawson, Stanhope

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