Letters to P.E.I. - T. H. Haviland, London to Charles Stewart, Charlottetown, April 14, 1853

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Haszard's Gazette 4 May, 1853

40, Gloucester Place, Hyde Park Gardens,
14th April, 1853.

Dear Sir. - In my last letter, I informed you that Mr. Thorn's purchases, up to that time, were limited to two Clydesdale Horses, which he had left in Glasgow, and that we had not then succeeded in making any positive arrangement for their conveyance to the Island, although we were in communication with two or three parties, with the hope of affecting that object at an early period. I subsequently received a proposition from Messrs. Stainbank to afford the necessary accommodation for either two or three Horses on the deck of the Attwood, to fit up Boxes, to be covered or roofed over, and to lay in a sufficient quantity of water for the voyage, for £ 20 each horse. Having consulted with Thorn, and also with Mr. Douse, who happened to be in London, we decided, as no other means of an equally favourable nature offered, on accepting Messrs. Stainbank's proposal. This was on Monday the 4th instant. Having concluded the arrangements with Messrs. Stainbanks for three horses, an offer was made by Mr. Heard, to take out any additional number, in a vessel which would leave Bideford about the 20th, for Charlottetown, at the rate of £ 26 per head, to be accomodated in the hold, and the shipper to provide all necessary gear. As no better terms could be procured, it was thought advisable to close with these also. As the Attwood would be the first vessel to leave England, Thorn left London for Glasgow on the 5th, to bring the Horses which he had there purchased, and to endeavour during his absence, to secure a third, so as to complete the number for the Attwood; he returned yesterday morning with the two Clydesdales and he informed me, that he had also purchased a very fine three year old English Cart Horse which would follow him today, thus completing the number for the Attwood. Thorn places the horses in charge of a young man for whose passage he pays £ 6 6s. in consideration of his giving them his undivided attention during the voyage, he has also made an arrangement with the Master of the Attwood, to insure the assistance of one of the Sailors in each watch, as he says that one man would be quite unequal to the attention which these Stallions will necessarily require. Thorn will leave London tomorrow for the Country to endeavour to fulfil the remainder of his instructions. It is unfortunate that more time could not have been given to the object, as the hurried manner in which the remainder of the purchases will have to be made will, I am afraid, incur considerable difficulty in their accomplishment. I remain,

Dear sir, yours truly, T. H. Haviland.

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