Letters to P.E.I. - Thomas Burnard Chanter [1797-1874], Bideford, Devon to William Ellis, Lot 13, PEI, Aug. 10, 1836

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PAPEI ACC 2685/8
Letter from Thomas Burnard Chanter [1797-1874], Bideford, Devon to William Ellis, Lot 13, PEI

Bideford, Aug. 10, 1836

Mr. Ellis
I recd yr letter by the Atalanta & am sorry to find you are so uncomfortable & as you say badly off but what astonishes me most is that you are disappointed at my not building another vessel when you have over & over again written that you would build no more and it is no pleasure doing business with so much grumbling - for I have always given you full value for what you have done & I understand you have a great friend in Mr. Green of St. Eleanors. I hope you will be more comfortable & better satisfied under his patronage - I wish no business with any man unless it is satisfactory on both sides. I confess I thought when I had Cascumpeque that you would arrange with Mr. Cambridge and still build for me but besides the annoyance & temptation of a Grog-shop - I know a Master builders time is better employed in his yard superintending his work than keeping a store or distributing noggins of rum & I recommend you to give it up - altogether and by your own example prevent the improper and excessive use of spirits in the settlement. You have plenty of time to overcome all your difficulties if you like to set about it & in any way I can benefit or assist you I will do it.

I am

Thos Chanter

The Atalanta's keelson is only fit for a vessel of 90 tons & she is 10 feet too short I have sent her to Quebec to have an Oak keelson put in --

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