The Lovell's Prince Edward Island Directory 1871 Charlottetown - Crapaud

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Lovell's Directory was a directory of professionals and businessmen and other inhabitants in Prince Edward Island, published in 1871, with listings by town or geographic region.

Charlottetown - Partial Listing

Smith, Peter - painter, King St. Smith, Philip - shoemaker, King St.
Smith, Richard - mariner, Edward St. Smith, Robert - sailor, Dorchester St.
Smith, Thomas - laborer, cor Water and Prince Sts. Smith, William - blacksmith, Spring Park Road
Smith, William - builder, Richmond St. Smith, William - carpenter, Euston St.
Smith, William - sailor, Dorchester St. Smyth, A.W. - professor of music, Water St.
Snelgrove, George - crockery, Kent St. Snelgrove, William - grocer, Grafton St.
Snell, Simon - laborer, Sidney St. Sneeston, Robert - watchmaker, Grafton St.
Squire, Charles - painter, Prince St. St. Dunstan's Cathedral - Right Rev. Peter McIntyre, D.D., Bishop of Charlottetown; Very Rev. Daniel McDonald, D.D., Vicar-General; Rev. James L. Broyderick, corner Dorchester and Great George Sts.
St. Dunstan's College - Very Rev. James McDonald, Rector and Vicar-General; Rev. James Lamont, John Caven, LL.D., Rev. William Sheeby, Allan McDonald, professors, Royalty St. James (The Kirk of) - Rev. Thomas Duncan, Pownal St.
St. Joseph's School - Sister St. Angelina, Superioress; over 200 children; Pownal St. St. Lawrence hotel - Miss C. Street, proprietress, Water St.
St. Paul's Church - Ch of England, Rev. David Fitzgerald, Rector; Rev. D.B. Parnther, Minister, Queen Sq. ST PATRICK'S COMMERCIAL SCHOOL - Brother Patrick, director, cor Richmond and Great George Sts.
St. Peter's Church - Ch of England, Rev. George Hodgson, M.A., Chaplain, Rochfort Sq. Stamper, Mrs. Catherine - wid Henry, bookseller, Queen Sq.
Stanley, Francis - boots and shoes, Queens St. Stanley, Jas. - boots and shoes, King St.
Stanley, John K. - shoemaker, Queen St. Star Assurance Society - George Alley, agent, Great George St.
Steel, Robert - painter, Grafton St. Steel, Roland - laborer, Edward St.
Stentiford, John - painter and paper hanger, Weymouth St. Stentiford, Joseph - painter, Kent St.
Stephenson, John - joiner, Dorchester St. Stevenson, James - blacksmith, Haviland's Lane
Stevenson, Matthew - tinsmith, Great George St. h Richmond St. Stewart, Alexander - bookkeeper, bds Kent St.
Stewart, Alex. - millwright, Euston St. Stewart, Mrs. Eliza - wid Alex., King St.
Stewart, Robert - attorney, bds at Osbourne house, Water St. Stewart, Theophilus - barrister
STEWART, W.D. - auctioneer and commission merchant, Grafton st, h cor Weymouth and Kent Sts. Stewart, William - carpenter, Euston St.
Stiggins, William - machinist, Richmond St. Stirling, David - architect, Dundas Esplanade.
Stockdale, Charles - barrister, Royalty, St. Peter's Road. Stone, Albert - hardware, Queen st, h Richmond St.
Story, John - laborer, Kent St. Stramburg, Nathaniel P. - clerk, Hillsborough St.
Strang, James - carpenter, Euston St. Street, Miss Catherine - proprietress St. Lawrence hotel, Water St.
Strickland, Chs. - M.D., Great George St. Stuart, Mrs. Jane - wid Charles, Great George St.
Stumble, John - cooper, Queen St. STUMBLES, JOHN - saddle and harness maker, Grafton St., h cor Hillsborough and Fitzroy Sts.
Stumbles, William - agent, Great George St. Sullivan, Andrew - sea captain, King St.
Sullivan, James - sea captain, King St. Sullivan, Michael - laborer, Fitzroy St.
Sullivan, W. Wilfred - barrister, &c, Great George St. Summers, Michael - carriage builder, Grafton St.
Swabey, Mrs. Eliza - wid Arthur, Grafton St. Swabey, William - J.P., Malpec (sic) Road.
Swan, William - policeman, Fitzroy St. Sweeney, Patrick - truckman, Sidney St.
TANTON, GEORGE P. - photographer and copyist, Great George St., h Hillsborough St. Tanton, John P. - assayer of weights and measures, and collector of land tax, Great George St., h Prince St.
Tanton, Thomas - tailor, Great George St. Tanton, William - saddler, Great George St.
Tanton, William sen. - tailor, Great George St. Target, Job - clerk, Fitzroy St.
Taudvin, Daniel - sailor, Water St. Taylor, F.P. - M.D., Great George St.
Taylor, Joseph - carpenter, Hillsborough St. Taylor, Mrs. John - Grafton Lane.
Taylor, Robert - gunsmith, Grafton St. Taylor, Thomas - shoemaker, Hillsborough St.
Terlizzick, H. - J.P., grocer and stove dealer, Queen St. Terrance house - Mrs. C. McKenna, proprietress, King St.
Thomas, John T. - of Thomas & Son, resides in Liverpool, Eng. Thomas, Robert - school teacher, bds Grafton St.
Thomas & Son - wholesale dry goods, William Stumbles, agent, Great George St. Thompson, Jas. - tobacconist, Pownal St.
Thompson, Mrs. - wid, Fitzroy St. Thorn, Joshua - blacksmith, Hillsborough St.
Thorn, Richard - laborer, Spring Park Road.
Tombs, Edward - grocer, Great George St. Toole, Mrs. Bridget - wid James, King St.
Toole, Mrs. Eliza - wid John, Cumberland St. Towan, Paul - mason, Sidney St.
Towan, Wm. - mason, bds at Sidney St. Thresher, George A. - Grafton St.
Trail, William - engineer, Grafton St.
Trainor, John - truckman, Pownal St. Trainor, Patrick - laborer, Pownal St.
Traverse, John C. - clerk, Weymouth St. Trayner, Francis - laborer, Pownal St.
Traynor, James - mason, Pownal St. Traynor, Michael - liquors, Pownal St.
Tremain, Henry - clerk, bds at Pownal St. Tremain, Richard - clerk, bds at Pownal St.
Trowan, W.C. - boots and shoes, Kent St. Truelove, Wm. - clerk, bds at Prince St.
Turnbull, Robert - mariner, Grafton St. Turner, Jas. - engineer, Hillsborough Square.
UNION BANK OF PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND - Charles Palmer, president; James Anderson, cashier, Grafton St. UNION HOUSE - John S. O'Neil, proprietor, cor King and Queen Sts.
Valley, John - Pownal St. Vaniderstine, Peter - joiner, Euston St.
Victoria barracks - Brighton Road. Vinnicombe, William Henry - piano tuner, bds Kent St.
Waddell, Matthew - of Waddell & Wilson, Rochester Square. Waddell & Wilson - tinsmiths and fish preservers, cor Great George and Kent Sts.
Wade, Robert - saddler, Prince St. Wadman H.D. - sheet iron and tin plate worker, Kent St., h Euston St.
Wadman, Henry - assistant commissioner of Crown lands, Hillsborough St. Wakefield, Geo. - clerk, Kent St.
Walker, George - shoe cutter, Water St. WALKER, HON. PATRICK - M.L.C., general merchant, cor Grafton and Great George Sts.
Walker, John - clerk Walpole, Mrs. Thomas - Fitzroy St.
Walsh, Andrew - tailor, Queen St. Walsh, James - groceries and liquors, Grafton St.
Walsh, James - grocer, Grafton St. Walsh, Michael - carpenter, Cumberland St.
Walsh, Michael - storekeeper, Queen St. Wand, Edward - plasterer, Richmond St.
Wand, George - truckman, Fitzroy St. Ward, Robert - carpenter, off Des Brisay's Lane.
Watkins, Samuel - bricklayer, Great George St. Watling, Chs. - painter, bds Queen St.
Watson, W.R. - druggist, Queen St. Watson, Wallace - clerk, bds Sidney St.
Watts, James A. - harnessmaker, off Queen St. Watts, Mrs. Catherine - wid Aeneas, Spring Park Road
Watts, Mrs. Lexis - wid Allen, Cumberland St. Watts, Mrs. Mary - wid James, Grafton St.
Waverley house - George Worthy, proprietor, Dorchester St. Way, George - laborer, Malpeque Road.

[There is a gap between this part of Charlottetown and the partial Clinton entry following.]


Partial Listing

Schurman, David - of Schurman & Johnston
Schurman & Johnston - general merchants
Sencabough, James - saddler
TUPLIN, JOHN T. - dealer in dry goods (1)
(1) Also Dealer in groceries, leather, hardware, produce, &c, and cabinet manufacturer

Clyde Mills

A small village in township No. 23, parish of Grenville, county of Queen's. Population about 60. [foot note says " The post office is at New Glasgow."]

Bagnall, Richard E. - of Bagnall & Son
BAGNALL, WILLIAM - J.P., Bagnall & Son(1)
Crawford, rev. Donald - baptist
Doucet, Lemange - joiner, farmer
Doucet, Peter - farmer
Warren, John - head miller
(1) Also grist and carding mill, owner, farmer


A small village situated in township No. 32, parish of Hillsborough, county of Queen's. Distant from Charlottetown, a station of the New York, Newfoundland and London Telegraph Co., 7 miles, fare by bi-weekly stage is 1s 6d. Mail bi-weekly. Population about 275. [footnote says "Also known as Pye's Corner"]

Baines, Francis - farmer
Crosby, James, sen. - farmer
Crosby, Theophilus - J.P., farmer
Dickson, George - J.P.1
Dockendorf, Jacob - farmer
Drake, Enoch - farmer
Drake, Mrs. - wid John
Frisel, John - shoemaker
Guy, Rennie - farmer
Howard, James - farmer
Hudson, R.P. - farmer
Hyde, John - grist mill owner, farmer
Hyde, Joseph - farmer
Hyde, Lemuel - farmer
Hyde, Samuel - farmer
Hyde, William Henry - farmer
Hyde, William, sen. - farmer
Kellow, James - farmer
Leonard, Rochard - farmer
McCallum, John - farmer
McDonald, Angus - farmer
McKinlay, Alexander - farmer
McNatton, Francis - blacksmith
Mayow, Zachariah - farmer
Nelson, John - farmer
Newson, Allen - carpenter, farmer
Newson, Augustus - carpenter, farmer
Pethick, George - postmaster(2)
Scott, George - farmer
Scott, John - farmer
Scott, Peter - farmer
Scott, William - farmer
Strong, Frederick - shingle mill owner, farmer
Welch, Thomas - blacksmith

(1) Also proprietor of grist, saw, shingle and carding mill, farmer
(2) Also house of entertainment, agent for DeSable cloth mills


A village situated in township No. 34, parish and county of Queen's. Distant from Charlottetown, a station of the new York, Newfoundland and London Telegraph Co. 12 miles. Mail weekly, Population about 300.

Allen, Rev. James
Auld, David - farmer
Auld, Francis - farmer
Auld, James - miller
Auld, William - farmer
Auld, William - joiner
Bearsto, John - farmer
Beattie, Alexander - fisherman
Brown, Stephen - fisherman
Carr, James - fisherman
Carr, William - farmer
Cass, Robert - farmer
Darrach, Angus - carpenter
Darrach, Neil - joiner
Gurney, Samuel - farmer
Gurney, Thomas - farmer
Higgins, Charles - farmer
Higgins, Cornelius - farmer
Higgins, James - fisherman
Higgins, John - farmer
Higgins, Stephen - farmer
Hodgson, William - farmer
Hughes, Benjamin - blacksmith
Landrigan, David - farmer
Lawson, David - farmer
Lawson, David, jun. - farmer
Lawson, Henry C. - farmer
Lawson, Samuel - farmer
Lawson, William D. - farmer
Leitch, John - farmer
McDonald & McKay - proprietors, fulling mill
McLaughlin, Alexander - farmer
McLaughlin, Duncan - farmer
McLaughlin, John - farmer
McLeod, Donald - farmer
McMillan, Alexander - farmer
McMillan, Angus - farmer
McMillan, Charles - farmer
McMillan, Donald - farmer
McMillan, John - farmer
McMillan, Laughlin - farmer
McMillan, Mrs. James - farmer
Marshall, Robert- farmer
Miller, David- farmer
Riley, Robert - fisherman
Shaw, Alexander - farmer
Shaw, Duncan - farmer
Shaw, Duncan - farmer
Shaw, John - farmer
Shaw, William - farmer

Covehead Road

A village in township No. 34, parish and county of Queen's. Distant from Charlottetown, a station of the new York, Newfoundland and London Telegraph Co. 9 miles, from Georgetown 38 miles, from Summerside 40 miles. Mail weekly, Population about 250.

Boyer, Albert - farmer
Brown, Robert - farmer
Brown, William - farmer
Carroll, Thomas - farmer
Carroll, William - farmer
Connors, John - farmer
Darragh, Angus - carriage builder
Delaney, Michael - farmer
Howlett, John - farmer
Howlett, Lawrence - farmer
Hughes, Benjamin - blacksmith
Hughes, Charles - farmer
Hughes, John - farmer
Hurley, John - pensioner
Jenkins, James - bricklayer
Kelly, Terence - farmer
Kelly, Thomas - farmer
Kenny, James - farmer
Kenny, Lawrence - farmer
Landrigan, James - farmer
McGrath, Thomas - J.P., farmer
Matheson, Duncan - miller
Mullin, Edward - J.P., farmer
Mills, Thomas - shoemaker
Power, David - farmer
Power, Thomas - farmer
Proud, Peter - bricklayer
Ready, James - hotelkeeper
Ready, Timothy - farmer
Reardon, Michael - farmer
Reid, James - farmer
Reilly, Thomas - farmer
Riordan, Charles - farmer
Toombs, Richard - shoemaker
Tracey, Stephen - farmer
Vessy, Thomas - farmer
Vessey, William - farmer
Waldridge, David - farmer
Waldridge, William - farmer
Whelan, John - farmer
Whelan, Lawrence - farmer


A village in township No. 29, parish of Hillsboro, and county of Queen's. Distant from Charlottetown, a station of the new York, Newfoundland and London Telegraph Co. 24 miles fare, 3s 9d, from Summerside 21 miles. Mail bi-weekly, Population about 300.

Best, James - tailor, farmer
Best, Mark - farmer
Coughlin, John - farmer, auctioneer
Dawson, William - tanner, farmer
Hall, John - J.P., farmer
Heckbert, Joseph - shoemaker
Holbrook, Caleb - shoemaker
Howatt, George - general merchant, farmer
Howatt, James - grist and carding mill owner, farmer
Louther, Cornelius - farmer
Louther, George - farmer
McDonald, Peter - saddler
McKay, Alexander - blacksmith
McKay, Hector - blacksmith
McKinnon, D.S. - tailor
McLeod, John J. - tailor
McLeod, Miss - school teacher
McNeill, Joseph - shoemaker
McVitty, David - farmer
McVitty, Edward - farmer
Myers, Thomas - farmer
Newson, James - farmer
Newson, Mrs. Maria - wid Henry
Newson, Peter - saddler and harnessmaker
Nicholson, George - blacksmith
Pearson, Mrs. Esther - wid John
Reid, James R. - general merchant
Reid, William A. - bookkeeper
Rogerson, Edward - farmer
Rogerson, John - carpenter and farmer
Rogerson, Thomas - farmer
Rogerson, William - carriage factory
Sargent, Rev. John P. - ch of England
Smith, George - farmer
Smith, Isaac - farmer
Stordy, J. - tanner, dealer in groceries and liquors
Straight, William, carriage factory
Tremaine, Lawrence - M.D.
Trowsdale, Barnabas - farmer
Trowsdale, Isaac - farmer
Trowsdale, Thomas - carriage maker
Warren, Joseph - blacksmith
Wiggington, George - postmaster, storekeeper, farmer
Worth, William - hotelkeeper

This document, Lovell's Directory, 1871 may be seen at PARO, Accession No. 4064, Item No. 1


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