Muster Rolls, St. John's Volunteers - 1784

Muster Rolls of the following Disbanded Officers, Non-Commissioned officers and soldiers of His Majesty's late Company of Saint Johns Volunteers with their respective families that are now settled and preparing to settle in the Island of St. John, taken 12th June 1784.

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MenWomenChild10+Child-10White ServantsBlack Servants
Where Land Granted
How Held
To what time had
drawn Provisions
Alteration Since Reduction
General Remarks
 Phillips CallbeckCaptain Commanding11 53 Lot 35, Bedford Bay20,000For his Majesty Forever Six Months Has Made Extensive Improvements
 James CampbellLieut.11 32 New London, Lot 21.500From Robert Clark by lease for ??? d.o. Has improved and cultivated 30
acres at New London.
 John Stewartd.o.11 12 Hillsborough River, Lot 48500By Grant from Chief Justice d.o. Has improved 12 acres on
Hillsborough River.
 Alex'r FarquharSergeant1     Eastpoint, Lot 47200Grant from the Proprietor Isaac Ranchardy?49d.o.  
 Alex'r Brownd.o. 11 1  Elliott River, Lot 65200Gov. Patterson24d.o. Has improved at Princetown
 William Hilld.o.1     Three Rivers, Lot 54.200d.o.48d.o.  
 Thos GearyCorporal11 1  York River, Lot. 32200d.o.24d.o. Has improved near Charlotte Town
 John Byransd.o.1     York River, Lot. 32200d.o.24None Drowned, 21 Nov.
 John Slined.o.1     East point, Lot 47.100to: Penchard?, Esq.286 monthsabsent?
 Walter Welshd.o.11 3  Elliott River, Lot 65100Gov. Patterson26d.o. Has improved near Charlotte Town
 Rob't Cooksayd.o.1     York River, Lot 32100d.o.26d.o.  
 John Quigleyd.o.1          Drowned 8 Jun.Res. 6 Months.
 Pat'k Divined.o.1     York River, Lot 32100d.o.566 months  
 William Snowd.o.1        26d.o. Absent, not certified
 William Stockd.o.1     Elliott River, Lot 65100d.o.56d.o.  
 Thos Freanne?d.o.1  1  Three Rivers, Lot 54.100d.o.36d.o.  
 Benj. Pollardd.o.11    Bedeque Bay, Lot 26100d.o.36d.o.  
 Daniel Buckleyd.o.1     York River, Lot 32100d.o.24d.o. Runaway immediately aftermuster-not certified
 Wm. J. Pattersond.o.1     Three Rivers, Lot 54.100d.o.19d.o.Nephew to the Gov. PattersonNot certified
 John Comptond.o.111   Three Rivers, Lot 54.100d.o.37d.o.  
 Will'm Bakerd.o.1     Wheatley River, Lot 32100Jos. Todd?25d.o.  
 John Clarke Jr.d.o.11 3  York River, Lot 32100Gov. Patterson23d.o.  
 William Jetsond.o.11 2  Hillsboro' Rover, Lot 34100C. Justice Stewart32d.o. Has improved and settled Lot 34.
 Adam Ballion [Baldwin?]d.o.1     York River, Lot 32100Gov. Patterson48d.o.  
 Will'm Pickeringd.o.11    Wheatley River, Lot 24100Jos. Todd?21d.o.  
 David Morgand.o.11 1  Elliott River, Lot 65100Gov. Patterson26d.o.  
 Rob't Perlman?d.o.1     Tryon River, Lot 27100Capt. Callbeck28d.o.  
 Adam Fulmored.o.1     Tryon River, Lot 27100Capt. Callbeck28d.o. Has improved at Tryon River
 William Headon?Drummer1     East Point, Lot 47100From Isaac ??, Esquire286 monthsabsentNot Certified
 William ClarkePrivate1     York River, Lot 32100Gov. Patterson26d.o.  
 John Clarke Sr.d.o.1122  York River, Lot 32100d.o.42d.o. Has improved and planted
near Charlotte Town
 John Barefootd.o.1     York River, Lot 32100d.o.38d.o.  
 Mich'l Listond.o.1     Elliott River, Lot 63100d.o.40d.o.  
 Will'm Burked.o.11 3  Little Rustico, Lot 34100Lord Chief Baron Montgomery46d.o.  
 John Barnesd.o.1123  Elliott River, Lot 65100Gov. Patterson46d.o.  
 James Curtisd.o.111   Little Rustico, Lot 34100Lord Chief Baron Montgomery34d.o. A Merchant in Charlotte Town
Not Certified
 Thomas Doyled.o.11    Elliott River, Lot 65100Gov. Patterson29d.o. appointed to keep the Stores
& Utensils of the Loyalist ??
 Tho's Harveyd.o.1     Elliott River, Lot 65100Gov. Patterson26nonedrowned 21 Mar 
20Denis Gaheyd.o.1        28nonedrowned 21 Mar 
 Geo. Grettod.o.1        246 monthsdrowned 1 May 
 Balthazar Muttardd.o.1        39d.o.drowned 1 May 
 Morris Quinland.o.11 2  ditto100ditto27?d.o. Has improved near Charlotte Town
 Phillips Morris [Callbeck]d.o.1     ? River100illegible    

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